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Interview Master System Review

Updated on January 22, 2015


I came across the Interview Master System by accident while I was doing some preparation for a job interview I had coming up. A friend of mine had encouraged me to go to YouTube to look for some interview tips and example questions and answers, so I began my prep there. The first thing I noticed was an Interview Tips video by The Interview Guys, Jeff and Mike. The video caught my eye because it was animated (different from the other boring videos) and pretty funny too. I watched a bunch more of their videos and then decided to get their free Special Report (available at the end of their videos).

From there I found out about the Interview Master System.

In this lens I review the Interview Master System, an all-in-one job interview preparation course created by Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson (more famously known via their YouTube Channel as "The Interview Guys").

It's a wonderful all-in-one system for people who need a little help with their job interview preparation and technique. Some of the concepts covered include:

1) Behavioral Interview Questions

2) Phone/Skype Interviews

3) Battling nerves

4) Using the power of the internet and social media to help with preparation

Please see below for my in-depth review!

IMS Content
IMS Content

What is the IMS?

The Interview Master System (or IMS) is the brainchild of Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson, two "regular Joes" turned Interview Experts that claim to have found the winning formula for getting offers from job interviews.

The IMS focuses around one central concept - that interviewees need to tailor their entire interview, and more importantly their answers to interview questions - to the specific company they are interviewing with. To take it a step further, the Interview Guys identify two main tools, "qualities" and "multipliers", that they argue act as "superchargers" to your interview answers. They also teach you what exactly these tools are, where to find them, and exactly how to use them.

With that in mind, the IMS includes the following:

1) 7 module Video Series

- the bulk of the system made up of "over-the shoulder" videos

- watch over the Interview Guys' shoulders as they teach you how to uncover hidden details about the position you are interviewing for and the company you are interviewing with

- each video is comprised of a "how-to" of a major web property (ex. LinkedIn)

2) Process Map

- convenient step-by-step guide to navigating the IMS

- keeps you from getting overwhelmed or lost

3) Action Guide

- the IMS "instruction manual"

- for people who are less tech-savvy, an easy way to follow along and achieve results the "old school way"

4) Interview Master Guide

- the Interview Guys provide the questions AND answers to the most common (and toughest) interview questions

- traditional & behavioral interview questions and answers included

- they provide detailed examples of how to answer the questions using their Tailoring Method (infusing the answers with Qualities and Multipliers)

- types of job interviews included (skype, phone, panel, etc.)

5) PC Generator

- essentially a useful "notebook" that you use to help create your Perfect Candidate (PC) profile

- a convenient place to type (or write out) your own responses to common interview questions

- preloaded with the questions you are almost sure to face

6) PC Blueprint

- a cheat sheet to bring with you to the interview that outlines why you are the Perfect Candidate

- quick reference for all of your main talking points

7) Night Before Checklist

- a last minute pre-interview checklist that helps you remember the little details so you can focus all of your energy on your interview prep

They have also included some bonus materials, including:

1) Social Media Job Hunt Report

- this report teaches you how to harness the power of social media to find a job

2) Calm Your Nerves Special Report

- an excellent guide for those who battle nerves before and during their interviews

3) 5 Thank You Letter Templates

- "plug and play" templates for writing professional thank-you letters post-interview

4) Free Lifetime Updates

- lifetime access to the members area and free updates to videos and other content

Benefits (Pros)

Okay, so I have to say that I am a big fan of The Interview Guys, but more importantly, I'm a fan of their Interview Master System. They really created their own method for attacking a job interview, and what I really liked is that it is different from everything else out there AND it is really easy to learn and practice.

The main benefits of the Interview Master System are:

1) Easy to use and understand (Jeff and Mike are great teachers!)

2) Relevant in today's world (using social media, etc. as a teaching tool)

2) Take it with you on the go (laptop, smart phone, tablet ready)

3) Very affordable for what you get

4) Great customer service (if I ever had questions or needed help, Mike personally responded to me within a few hours)

5) Fully Customizable (use for any interview)

6) Repeatable (keep going back for more if necessary)

A word about their "tailoring" method. This is really the way that successful job seekers are getting offers these days. If you aren't practicing this method, chances are your competitors are going to get the offer over you. As Jeff and Mike always say, it really isn't about you, it's about them (the company). The IMS really follows this idea through the entire course and not only prepares you for what to expect, but also helps you become the Perfect Candidate in the eyes of the company you are interviewing with.

Drawbacks (Cons)

Okay, so this is a tough one. It's really hard for me to say anything bad about Jeff and Mike or the IMS! But as we know, there aren't really any "perfect" systems or courses!

If I had to identify a few things that I thought that people might consider cons of the IMS, they might include:

1) Amount of material (yes, there is a lot of stuff to go over! It can seem daunting at first)

2) Mostly computer-based work (those who aren't a little tech-savvy might get scared off)

3) Amount of example questions and answers (a few less than some other Q&A guides)

That's really about it! Here's the thing. The Interview Guys also tried to help out with some of the concerns above. For example, if your interview is the next day and you don't have time to prepare, they show you how to move through the course quickly so you don't get bogged down (as referenced in Con #1). Similarly, they provide print-outs for the "old-school" students who aren't as comfortable on a computer (as mentioned in Con #2).

The bottom line is that the Pros vastly outweigh the Cons.



In conclusion, I would say that I'd give the IMS a score of 9/10.

To be honest, after purchasing the system I put it to use for my first interview and I actually didn't get the job. But you know what? The hiring manager called me and told me that it was because I was missing one of the qualifications that they needed for the position, but that I interviewed the best out of all of the candidates. They loved how I prepared I was (including bringing my PC Blueprint into the interview with me) and were impressed by my knowledge of the company and their values. I've since gone on to interview for a different position which I received an offer from and accepted (thanks Jeff and Mike!)

So what is my recommendation? Look, if you have any doubts about your ability to give a good interview, then the IMS is definitely for you. Not only does it help you with your preparation, but it also gets you ready for the moment when you sit in the hot seat with the hiring manager staring you down.

The product comes with a full guarantee and 366 day return policy, so you can basically just give it a shot and if you don't like it, Jeff and Mike will gladly refund you. My guess is that they don't get too many refunds though, because their system really works. Keep in mind that you really get out of it what you put into it!

Where Do I Find These Guys? - Their YouTube Channel Of Course!

This is how I first came across The Interview Guys. I have to say that they do a great job of combining quick, easy-to-understand content with a dash of dry humor. If you're like me and have looked at other people's videos, you'll know that they aren't exactly making the learning fun (borrrrrrrrrring!!) Jeff and Mike's main strength is that they keep it fun and don't take themselves too seriously but still manage to give top-notch tips and advice.

They also offer a free special report at the end of each video, which is an extension of the concepts they teach. It basically shows you how to create answers to interview questions. I suggest you get it. It's free after all!

When you sign up for the Special Report, you will also automatically be subscribed to their Interview Tips newsletter. The newsletter is great because it keeps you abreast of what they are up to including new videos and other free content. Don't worry, they make it easy to unsubscribe if you don't want to receive the emails anymore.


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    • profile image

      Eric J 

      3 years ago

      Two days ago I entered my credit card info and bought the IMS. I still have NOT received my email with the information to unlock the website to download the material. I have sent numerous emails to their support account with absolutely no response. Yes, I checked my spam folder. Is there another way to reach them?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      why do you say it will reach your email in 10 minutes yet i see nothing. please fix that

    • profile image

      Mike Simpson 

      4 years ago


      I just saw this and looked under the name "Tramar". I don't see a purchase for you. I'm assuming you emailed the support center and got this sorted out, because we certainly aren't in the practice of not delivering material.

      Occasionally, an email service provider will divert our Welcome Email into a folder other than your main folder, including the "promotions tab" for gmail users. It's possible your email landed there.

      Anyway, feel free to email our support center if you have any trouble and we would be happy to help!

      Mike Simpson

      The Interview Guys

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Do not order their download. It will not be delivered. I paid today I am still waiting. It's just suppose to be a download. The Interview Master Guide may turn out to be a scam. They are not on the BBB, so don't count on them. I hope I am wrong.

    • profile image

      Carl Martins 

      5 years ago


      Insider tip! I think they just changed the way they sell the material. Because if you purchase the Master Guide, it gives you access to the Master System for a reduced rate.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, I just checked this out but it does look like a lot of material. The price really went up too, you stated $77 but it is now $197. They are having a special on just the Interview Master Guide with some bonuses for $37.

    • john winslow profile imageAUTHOR

      john winslow 

      6 years ago

      @niran-ni-1: Thanks for the question! The Master System is a digital product, meaning you access it through their Members Area. The cool thing is you can download the videos to your tablet or smartphone if you want. You can also print any of the documents to take with you (including the Master Guide)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey John, i came across this video on youtube an it was a good one. however, i wanted to know if i purchased this IMS would i be receiving the material in a physical form (books, cds etc) or will it be online stuff? thank for ur help

    • john winslow profile imageAUTHOR

      john winslow 

      6 years ago

      @travelguru88: You got it! Good luck.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @john winslow: Ok thanks John... I see. Thanks for your help! So it sounds like there's different levels of preparedness you can get depending on how deep you wanna go..

    • john winslow profile imageAUTHOR

      john winslow 

      6 years ago

      @travelguru88: It's true, there is a lot of stuff. But it is set up to allow you to pick and choose what you want to do. If you are really short on time, you can focus on the Question & Answer Guide and the PC Generator and PC Blueprint. This will give you a good all-around level of preparation for your interview. However, if you really want to learn how to supercharge your answers and blow your competition out of the water, the videos are there to help you do that.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey John,

      Thanks for this lens... I actually was searching around for a review of this... You do a good job of breaking down what's in the system... It sounds like there's a lot of material though, how much of it do you have to go through to feel like you're actually prepared for the interview?


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