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Interview suggestions

Updated on January 17, 2013

Self-employed interview suggestions

Individuals who are self-employed occasionally desire to get back to the employment industry in order to find something that will provide employment benefits like medical health insurance, among others.  This can be an excellent step for many people although  it can be perplexing initially.  As part of your job interviews, ensure that you concentrate  not on your absence of practical knowledge and common work experience, but instead on your own motivation skills and your capacity to address difficulties all on your own.

Along with self-employment comes great business perception.  Given that you have to be in a position to manage your own personal invoicing and taxes, it is possible to speak about all these as skills in a job interview.  Several employers search for those who are generally self-starters and the ones who don't need an overseer looming around them to make sure that they are motivated  to have their work completed. 

Individuals with self-employment experience are usually pros of self-motivation. One more thing to direct attention to is their organizational skills: what you can do to arrange your personal business will ultimately turn you into an asset to any business organization.

Final Interview suggestions

Suppose Job interviewer asks you this: "You've got any questions?" Towards the end of most job interviews, the job interviewer will most likely question the interviewee if he or she has anything to clarify and ask concerning the position or regarding the company.  Most people end up getting reluctant to inquire something, fearing that they'll either not like the response or even that the job interviewer is not going to like the question.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that virtually all interviewers think it’s great whenever interviewees make and ask for questions and clarifications.  This demonstrates to them that the interviewee had been being attentive and is unquestionably serious about the position.  Feel free to inquire the tough questions regarding medical health insurance benefits like once they employ new-hires; inquire about the compensation or salary; ask them about vacation time as well as sick leave. 

All the foregoing form part of the employment package you happen to be to be applying and they are offering.  Furthermore, make an inquiry about the organization as well as its background.  This will certainly persuade the job interviewer that you are enthusiastic about knowing the organization and not simply the position being applied for.


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    • glennmarkatwork profile image

      Glenn Mark Dizon 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks from taking time to read my hub Fiddleman. I am contemplating on putting some more today.

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 7 years ago

      Good information for job interviews. One should have questions well thought beforehand to ask potential employers.