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Investing In Derivatives, Options, Warrants and Futures

Updated on April 4, 2014

Financial Derivatives: Options, Warrants and Futures

Financial Derivatives: e.g. Options, Warrants and Futures are an interesting way to diversify or gear-up (add leverage) to an investment portfolio. They can also be used to reduce risk or hedge against market risk and other investment losses.

Here are some articles about option trading strategies, option pricing, Black Scholes, Spread trading and other higher-risk investments or derivatives, including some rather obscure investments. What are derivatives, stock options and warrants?

WARNING: None of this information is a recommendation to invest and some of the derivatives discussed here can be very risky.


Information in this and other linked articles is unregulated and for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon in making specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.


and Options

Warrants and Options

Warrants and Options can be used to protect you portfolio or add leverage for a limited amount of time. These are contracts that give you the option (i.e. the right, not the obligation) to buy or sell ("call" or "put") something (a share, stock, commodity etc.) at a certain price (The Strike Price) on a certain date.

Warrants and Options may be bought and sold on any date, but the price is variable and depends on the value and volatility of the underlying asset, time left to maturity. The price can be calculated using complex equations...

Investing in Warrants and Options

Preference Shares

Preference Shares

Preference shares are a different class of share to "Ordinary" Shares and pay out to their holders before other classes of share (but after bond holders and bank debt) generally making them safer. They are a useful variant to ordinary shared to reduce the risk of a portfolio.

Please see the full article here

Financial Spread Trading

Spread Trading Shares, Commodities and other Markets

Spread Trading can be a very risky (but tax-free) way to play the market or it can be used to hedge against market risk. Spread-trading derives a profit if a certain outcome occurs. It is however a legitimate investment technique and has tax-advantages over owning the asset on which you are betting. Also you can go long or short (i.e. make money from the market moving in either direction)

Please see the full article here...

Option Pricing

Option Pricing (Black Scholes Equation)

Ever wondered how to price an option or a warrant? Here is an article explaining how this is done This is the standard method of working out the value of options or warrants from the value and volatility of the underlying asset, time to maturity etc. based on physics equations used to model movement of atoms (Brownian Motion) i.e. assumes the markets are random.

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Other Classes of Share or Stock

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    • Mr Criminology profile image

      Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

      very complicated form of investment especially to a layman like me.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great info on these types of investments. Thanks. Blessed!

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 6 years ago from Virginia

      Almost like Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Good information, I hope to try them sometime (without them eating my portfolio). Nice lens though!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 8 years ago

      Andy, gosh -- no offense, but for me "Financial Derivatives: Options, Warrants and Futures" is probably my bedtime story. ;) But, you've covered that topic nicely!

    • profile image

      qlcoach 8 years ago

      Enjoyed your lens as always. You have great squidoo power. Found this lens on Squidom. Hope you will visit my new lens about emotional healing. Gary Eby, author and therapist.

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      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Another great one. 5*s