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Is Online Marketing for You? A Goal Too Lofty For Some

Updated on September 6, 2009

A days work and A days wage is what the average person is taught to believe in our free enterprise society. Granted it takes a week or two to get your check for laboring for another person or company but this tit for tat process has been going on for centuries. Online marketing has a different schedule that it goes by in paying you for your work that your perform and a lot of people cannot get around this delayed gratification scenario.

It’s not that you will not get paid if you continue your efforts in trying to make an income from Internet. It’s just depending on how you do it there will be a lapse in time any where from one month to a year depending on how smart and hard you work creating content, getting good backlinks, and becoming ensconced in the search engine results from, and

Online Marketing is For People Who can See Something That is Not There Yet.
Online Marketing is For People Who can See Something That is Not There Yet.

Online Marketing is For People Who Have Enough Faith in them Selves

Waiting for the results can be terrible if you have little faith in this system of making money online and can cause Internet Entrepreneurs to quit to early and this will clearly prevent a pay off – due to the fact that the first 90-120 days of solid work is only laying the ground work for something bigger and better in the months ahead.

If you have a sales background this business model is perfect for you – You know if you make sales calls all day everyday Monday through Friday you will get a few sales in the short term. But, you are also planting seeds for sales down the road and the long term. Example: I used to call on companies for 18 Wheeler roadside emergency service in certain Texas Metroplex. I gave them my contact information (including personal cell phone number) along with the sales information. Up to two years after I had left that job – I was still getting calls on my cell from companies that I had called long ago.

The online marketing strategy is very similar to the above mentioned scenario – It’s work and faith – For someone who works in a factory, or makes deliveries for a living this is may not make sense to them and these are the poor guys and gals that may not have what it takes to bootstrap their way into an online passive income from Adsense or Google.

People who are used to investing in the unseen like real estate sales, computer sales, catering, and of course professional writers (they really understand delayed gratification) will have a head start in prospering down the road by creating content and driving online sales via selling direct products through or Google Adsense’s passive income model will be a lot easier for them to understand and growth with as well.

That’s no to say that there is no hope for other people – It’s just a mind conditioning thing that has to be overcome – My father is a prime example. He was a ticket agent for a major airline for over thirty-five years and when sharing with him what I do to make money from the Internet – he acted like I was trying to hand him a live snake and backed away quickly. It’s is not for everyone and they have to be able to see beyond the tip of their nose and believe the money will come to them.


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