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is'nt it? The world actually ready for enhance from normal to 3d tv

Updated on January 8, 2010

3D Telivision Sets

 3d sets are allover world in 2010, infact having doubt on tv veiwver as world's reluctance for quick rise.

Call us practical, jaded or simply a good, old-fashioned stick in the mud, but when it comes to consumers upgrading to 3D television anytime soon
, we just don’t see the point. Much ado has been made about this new technology at CES 2010 by manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba
and Panasonic, with one in four consumers surveyed by the CEA saying they plan to buy a 3D TV within the next three years. However, while ESPN
plans to roll the first official 3D sports network on June 11, and consumers are predicted to spend $17 billion on 3D TVs in 2018, per research
firm DisplaySearch’s forecasts, we’re just not sold on the concept’s potential rapid consumer uptake.


Recall a practical, unused or simply a good, old-popular stick in the mud, but when it bring to consumers merchandiser enhance to 3d teleivision
soon any time, We don't see any point to it. Much confusion has been created about this new technology at ces 2010 by wreckers such as Samsung,
Song, Panasonic and Toshiba, With in this 4 wreckers surveyed by the cea telling that they plan to buy @ threed tv with in the next 12 months. Well
one of the most viewed channed ESPN plans to start a 1st official three D channel on 11th of this june, and consumers can spend $17 billion on 3d
Tvs in 2018 as predicted, per research firm display search's forecasts, We're really not sold on the concrete potential rapid consumer raise.



What among the other issues:

Efficiency of current demand
Let do one simple exercise: prior to the debut of these declarations, name one person whom you know who recently sed, "These shows are great boys-
I am sure wish they would make it look like oprahs was in my bed room, however." it will not untill put the concept of 3d on most consumers by
avatar' map that there was any true and real frontstram excitement covered the category. similarly, its's 1 thing to expereience threeD technology
while sitting in front of three-story versus one's living room. So no event in your living room daily, Where the activity becomes more wonderfull,
making it difficult to justify the total coast of an immediate upgrade. Besides, since when was twoD strorytelling and filmmaking broken to begin


Practical view
It's bad enough having to hunt for the remote in your couch cushions. Now imagine this with the three D glasses which will not only make you look
daffy once located, but could also prove uncomfortable to wear it long term view and sitting. Is this really the atrocious future sci-fi novels once
promised? may be, if you are into severe headaches, screen flicker and , while looking to complete toolboz. somehow it just doesn'nt seem worth the
trouble to watch satan vs. aliens ooze 4rth out of your screen.


Will there be an promising market for 3d technology? doubtfully. however, we exept it to take tong time to reach the point of true mainstream
engorgement, transitioning over a period of time (the same as we dint black and whilte sets to color).



Are you satisfy with your home television or you want 3d telivision

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