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It is in your hands.

Updated on September 16, 2016

Of a truth, life may seem complicated. There are some things that should be of concern to us; such things can make us question, wonder, and doubt the real essences of life. It can be our individual problems, struggles, and difficulties or it may be the struggles, difficulties, and problems of others around the world like the suffering of innocent women and children and the situation in Middle East.

Most at times we may want to rescue or change situations but it seems we cannot do anything to bring the desired change; consequently we look outside for help because we do not trust in our own ability to change the situation. People have different struggles in life. It can be struggles of sickness, marriages, and finances among others. Most people completely leave their difficulties to God and they put their trust in him for a change.

Yes, it is expected that God is the supreme problem solver. He knows the best and he also knows when and how to do his things, with or without working with us. But today it is more important for us to realize that those changes we seek is in our hands, which means we have the ability to bring the desired change if we can remove doubt and stand firm despite the challenges we many encounter in our journey in life towards our desired end.

Let us remember the story of Moses, who was destined to liberate the Israelites. He did not like how the Israelites were treated in the land of Egypt so he desired a positive change for his people but he did not know that it was in his hands to bring the change. He did the little he could, when he was a prince in Egypt. He even killed an Egyptian. Yet, he never knew that it was in his hands to bring the change he desired. Then he ran out of the land of Egypt because that was the best he could do at that time. But even after God spoke to him, he still did not believe that it was in his hands because he felt his people would not believe him. Therefore, he felt that his desire could not be accomplished because it was out of his reach. “And the Lord said unto him, what is that in thine hand? And he said a rod” Exodus 4:2.

Moses had that rod in his hand but he never knew what he had in his hand and how powerful the rod could be and what it could help him achieve. Moses did not know that he had his desire in his hand. Even after Moses saw the power of the rod as manifested by the signs God used it to perform, he still complained of not being eloquent.

Therefore, it is possible for us to desire a change and still we look for reasons we should not work for that change thereby expecting others to do it for us. We may hold unto any excuse so that others can bring the desired change while we have a part to play in it because it in our hand to work for a change.

Moses did not know the power of the rod until God stepped into the situation. Therefore, today if we can first realize that it is in our hands and we then let God come into the situation. That is when God will help us to use that which is in our hands to achieve our desired end. Let us ignore any excuse that may prevent us from working and achieving a positive end.

Truly there may be struggles and shackles of life that may hold us down but let us remember that “Lazarus was bound in a grave cloth yet he came forth.” So it is that we should not allow the struggles and challenges of life to stop us from coming forth and using that which is in our hands to bring the desired change in our families, and the world at large because truly it is in our hands

By N.K David

Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus” Published by author house. Available on online stores worldwide


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