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Business ideas for kids 8 years old and above

Updated on January 7, 2016
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James Ruesch is a CEO adviser in areas of international sourcing and logistics, as well as media and marketing strategies.

According to Katherine Lee, a school-age children expert, by the age of 8, a kid starts to figure out the world, who he is, what he wants, and begins to take more responsibilities and routines. This stage opens up his mind, giving him a need to contribute to family chores. Thus, let your kid explore the world and develop his skills in entrepreneurship by letting him choose from these micro-business ideas that are fun to do and suitable for children aged 8 and above.

Becoming a virtual assistant
Becoming a virtual assistant | Source

Virtual Assistant

For ages 14 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Communication, Responsibility, Professionalism, Time Management

Let your kid contact small business owners who are too busy growing their own businesses and office workers who have a lot of paper works to hire him as an assistant. He can do some of their minor tasks, such as checking e-mails, organizing schedules, and writing reports. For starters, he can also be an aid to your office works or his aunt’s social media marketing.

The good thing here is he doesn’t need to be present in the office because he will be given instructions through the Internet. To set up this kind of business, all he needs is a quiet work space at home, a computer, useful applications installed in his computer, headset for client calls, and stable Internet connection. He is also required to have knowledge in word processing, desktop publishing, and basic spreadsheet skills, which are not hard for him to learn because they are being taught in school and he can find everything now in the Web.

Offering online research and typing services
Offering online research and typing services | Source

Research and typing service

For ages 13 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Attention to detail, Time Management, Creativity, Communication skills

This business is ideal for youngsters who have a very satisfactory skill in typing, good reading comprehension, fluency in written English, and thorough knowledge of a word processing software. Providing research and typing services is among the easiest businesses to establish because all your kid needs is a computer, word processing or desktop publishing software, high quality printer, and Internet connection. He can offer services like Web research, resume writing, mail services, and creating newsletters, brochures, or business cards.

Providing car wash services
Providing car wash services | Source

Car Wash Service

For ages 12 years old and above (or as long as you are tall enough)

Business skills that can be developed: Responsibility, Time Management, Marketing, Attention to detail

One of the most popular money-making businesses a young entrepreneur can start with is car washing. What he needs is a space for a parking lot and your simple driveway can be turned into one. He also needs a water source, hose, bucket, soap, and rags as well. Let him visit the Internet to search for certain skills like interior cleaning and wheel shining, if he wants to offer extra services. He can also invite friends and split earnings. The more, the merrier, the easier.

Selling coffee on events
Selling coffee on events | Source

Coffee Cart

For ages 11 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Self-confidence, Communication, Innovation, Patience

Coffee—the basic need of humanity. Not because men can’t live without it but because majority of the human race is addicted to it and this can be used as an advantage.

Have your kid brew up some profits by selling coffee drinks on cups. He can build his own cart and decorate it uniquely. His target market may include people attending sports events and concerts. He can also sell them to his friends, neighbors, or in community events like parades and festivals. Let him pair his cups with bread or sweet pastries that will surely make customers crave for more.

General cleaning services
General cleaning services | Source

Cleaning Service

For ages 10 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Leadership, Responsibility, Team Work, Time Management, Negotiation

Cleaning is one of the first skills kids learn inside the house and in school. With this ability, a young aspiring entrepreneur can start a cleaning service business and begin growing his own income. The target market may be the nearest neighbors who don’t have time cleaning up their backyard, attic, garage, or the whole house. This can be done during weekends, after school, or vacation. Your kid can team up with his closest friends, name their group like a small company, and earn together by sweeping off dust, scrubbing the floor, and doing other household chores. However, they should be careful with their client’s things while having fun when cleaning.

Running a garage sale
Running a garage sale | Source

Garage Sale

For ages 9 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Marketing, Selling, Handling Inventory, Creativity

Selling old comics, books, clothes, toys, and other things that are no longer needed can not only produce income, but can also clear and organize the storage room in your house. Let your kid display used and unwanted items in front of the house or create a booth during school activities. The money raised from this small business can be used to buy him new items that will replace the old stuffs he sold.

The great thing with a garage sale is that it can be managed by a young kid, with an adult supervising his sales inventory. A young entrepreneur will learn how to negotiate with other people and improve his persuasion skills. He will also have fun deciding the price for each item that he is going to sell. He can advertise them by distributing flyers and sharing his business using his social media account.

Growing ornamental plants
Growing ornamental plants | Source
Taking care of starter plants
Taking care of starter plants | Source
Growing and selling herbs, spices, and vegetables
Growing and selling herbs, spices, and vegetables | Source

Growing starter plants

For ages 8 years old and above

Business skills that can be developed: Patience, Responsibility, Self-motivation

Nothing is more fun and exciting than growing money from your backyard and seeing it flourish. Growing plants for profit is as easy as ABC and even elementary kids can try them at their own homes. Help your kid tend flowers, vegetables, or ornamental plants and take good care of them as they grow. At the right time, they can be sold to garden owners and to those in the landscaping business. You can also supply them to farmers’ markets or sell the vegetables to your neighbors.

Plus, this business requires a small investment and can be done during your kid's spare time. It doesn’t need expensive equipment or high-tech gadgets and it's a self-fulfilling hobby.

Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet: there's always one determined to face in an opposite direction from the way the arranger desires.

— Marcelene Cox

These business ideas are interesting and fun to do; BUT still, don't forget to guide and supervise your kids in everything they do. Making your kid an entrepreneur at a young age must be solely for the development of his character and not for raising money to support your daily needs at home. It is still up to the kid if he wants to start his business. If he doesn't like the idea, ABORT MISSION.


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    • profile image

      Brandie Rubison 

      2 years ago

      I wouldn't let my child be a laborer at a very young age. But then, as a parent, I know I need to prepare him for the future that is way different from my childhood years. Integrating business roles with his play time is really effective. Thanks for other ideas other than a lemonade stand.


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