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Top 5 Business Ideas for 2016

Updated on December 30, 2015
James Ruesch profile image

James Ruesch is a CEO adviser in areas of international sourcing and logistics, as well as media and marketing strategies.

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

— Sr. Thomas Watson
Event Management
Event Management

Event Management Services

2016 is another year to expect more birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and other significant celebrations. Therefore, it will be the perfect time to start an Event Management Services business because you will be certain that you will not run out of customers.

Busy people usually contact event organizers to plan their events and celebrations. They want these individuals to take over their responsibilities including choosing what food to serve, where to hold the event, music and entertainment, hiring speakers or emcees, decorating the venue, creating invitations and promotional materials, preparing the equipment to be used, and forming a working committee as well. What's more satisfying than taking care of your customers' needs and assuring them of a successful and well-organized event?

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Seminar Production
Seminar Production

Seminar Production Business

Every year, organizations and companies need to assess their employees' skills to know if they still fit the jobs they are handling. Each individual should undergo new sets of training to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills for personal development and career growth.

This 2016 will be a perfect year to start a Seminar Production business because more and more corporations send their employees to seminars and workshops to update and improve their competence. Moreover, other private individuals voluntarily sign up for seminars to obtain certifications and acquire more understanding regarding their profession. This business is just like setting up a school for experts so the most important ingredient of this field is investing to experienced, fluent, and doctorate degree trainers and speakers.

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Upcycling Service

Let's start saving the planet this 2016 if you don't want to start now! After the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, countries agreed to do their best in limiting global warming, which is a very old environmental issue that is now being realized at last.

Expect that more consumers will consider environment-friendly products and services as they begin to become part of saving Mother Earth. Thus, this will carry the Upcycling Service business a promising start-up this 2016.

Upcycling is the process of reinventing a product from unwanted items to become something of higher quality while increasing its value. It is an upgraded version of recycling where junks of lesser quality are simply used again for other purposes.

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Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Services

Organizations and companies are now starting to realize the relevance of their employees' health and lifestyle to the success of their businesses. Employees' unhealthy patterns lead to higher health-care costs, insurance claims, and absenteeism. These and other negative practices affect the company's productivity and trigger additional expenses. Therefore, starting up a Corporate Wellness Services business this coming 2016 is truly in demand.

The business provides stress management workshops, wellness fairs, nutrition and weight counseling, alcohol and drug abuse programs, smoking cessation, and other wellness programs that are cheaper than healthcare bills, which eat up a large portion of a company's budget every year. Furthermore, these services can be easily advertised and endorsed as corporations are also using certain wellness programs to attract more applicants to join their team.

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Mobile Business
Mobile Business

Mobile Business

Rolling stores are now becoming more popular than stationary shops because more customers are enjoying shopping inside a truck because it gives them an extra fun factor due to its creativity and uniqueness. This industry sprouted from the concept of food trucks that triggered other businesses to try a mobile format.

Setting up a mobile business that can move from places to places will surely rock this 2016. Customers may enjoy usual services with a twist, including mobile massage, business-plan consulting, bookkeeping, pet grooming, dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, and so much more. All you need is a creatively-painted truck with a stunning interior design that will surely amaze people of different places.

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Business Start-ups that will rock 2016

Among the 5 mentioned business ideas, what do you think is the best?

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    • profile image

      Linda Gunderson 22 months ago

      The mobile truck business is definitely interesting and inspiring! You can apply your creativity and there's so much you can do for its theme and appearance. This article gave me so many ideas! Thanks a bunch.


    • profile image

      Roger Wilkins 23 months ago

      Whatever business you choose, an individual's ability to understand and convert knowledge into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.

    • Vlady Yon profile image

      Vlady Yon 23 months ago

      Applying the concept of a mobile business seems interesting. It can be adapted to any shop. The rest looks expensive and requires more resources, planning may take time. Great article.