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Job in a Bar - Not as Hard to Get as You Would Think

Updated on March 18, 2010

Some people think it's extremely hard to get a job these day. While in some areas the vacancies fill fast, other professions may find it easy, or even easier to find a job than they did before the recession. People who work in the hospitality industry will find out that getting a job is actually easier than they would think.

I used to be on the market looking for a bar job myself. I am a computer technician by profession but it was a hard time for me financially and due to my lack of experience in the country I was trying in I took a look around in catering.

A job in a bar is actually easier to get without any experience to get than you'd think. Many of my friends work in the industry therefore I believe I have a perspective on how it works. 

First of all, find out what type of job you want in a bar. You can be a salad chef, a mixer a waiter. You can even run the place if you think you've got what it takes to be the manager. Once you know your goal you will know when you're there, this is really important.

Strawberry Martini Cocktail by D Sharon Pruitt
Strawberry Martini Cocktail by D Sharon Pruitt

Start looking for staff wanted or vacancy open advertisements in the local paper. The more conscious about what you want the more opportunities seem to flow in. If you walk around your local area often, keep an eye open for these. I've found that the best way to get a bar job is to walk in.

If you're living anywhere near the town center you can walk around a few streets a day and check in pubs, bars and restaurants to see if anything is going on. Even if they're not posting staff wanted in their windows I still suggest giving the place a try in case they posted in the local paper instead.

If you have a little luck you'll find the manager or the owner in. They're the people you want to talk to about the job you want. If they see you can communicate and want the job enough they are going to give you a go without any experience.

Some people think experience is the single most important thing in getting a bar job. It is not. If you can talk your way through and look like a competent person, you'll see that employers like stand-up people better than someone who can't talk to customers but has two months of experience in a small bar.

Wear an outfit you'd expect to see on a manager of a place. Don't put on a full suit, but a shirt is something I'd personally advise. If they see you can talk, you can dress up and generally can be trusted with a job like this, you'll have a chance to prove you're worth their time.

I don't really advise trying to get a job applying for ads on the net. Basically you are going to be one of the 30 people sending email asking for job, and honestly, what would you do if you were the manager of a bar. Exactly, hit "Mark all as read" and carry on with the daily duties. Check on the net if any bars are hiring in your local area, print a dozen resumes and walk in.

Getting a job in a bar is not hard at all. If you have the attitude and are communicative enough, you'll have a great chance at getting at least a probation day. Once you've done that and fail, you can still tell the next manager you've already worked at another place.

Photo used is taken by D Sharon Pruitt


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