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Types of employee turnover

Updated on August 6, 2014

Types of employee turnover can be classify on the basis of different parameter. It may be in generally devided into two class.

Voluntary turnover

Involuntary turnover

Voluntary turnover is such kinds of employee turnover when employees are willingly leave the job for any reason. Voluntary turnover happened by resignation, normal retirement etc.

Involuntary turnover is such kinds of turnover that happened by the employers decisions to remove someone from the job. Such kinds of turnover happened by termination, redundancies etc.

Resignation, termination, retirement and redundancy

Resignation is the term when employee willingly leaves the organisation. But now a days there found a different kinds of resignation where employer suggests or make pressure to employee for resignation.

Termination is dismissal of any employee by employer for any rules of violation.

Retirement is a normal outflow of employee after completing the required age of job.

Redundancy is the term when turnover happens due to needs of any employee shut downed for the reason of shut down of the business or bankcrupcy. Overseas relocating of the organization is another causes of redundancy.


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