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Finding Jobs in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated on October 21, 2014

Finding Work in Wheaton, Illinois

This page is dedicated to those job opportunities close to Wheaton, Illinois and the many Wheaton organizations that can help you during your job search. Use this as a resource to get you started in finding jobs in Wheaton and the surrounding suburban areas.

Wheaton, Illinois is located about 30 miles west of Chicago. It's mainly constrained by Butterfield road on the South, Geneva Road on the North, President street on the east, and Winfield road on the west.

Networking to find your next job in Wheaton, IL

Most job opportunities are from personal contacts

It is ok to use networking sites such as Facebook to help you find your next employment opportunity. Remember that employers are also looking at these sites to see if there are any "warning signs". The time to start creating your online social network is right now, not at the beginning of your employment search.

My favorite networking site is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to keep track of all your co-workers, customers, and friends on one site. I keep my LinkedIn profile completely professional. LinkedIn also provides a job board for helping the community find qualified people.

For those in Wheaton, check LinkedIn for groups you can join that provides opportunities to connect with other Wheaton professionals.

There are other professional networking groups such as Naymz and Plaxo, and of course, the more social networks like Facebook and MySpace. As these have become very popular, they have also become a source of information for employers, so be careful what you post to these sites.

Wheaton Career Centers

When searching for a job, don't limit yourself to online searches. Wheaton has many communities to help folks find work.

Wheaton College Career Services is for Wheaton College students and alumni. The ThunderLink page shows a listing of Jobs, and the website has some great information about job hunting or finding a career.

Many Wheaton churches provide a job ministry to support unemployed job seekers spirtually, emotionally, and through networking opportunities. Four such are job support groups in Naperville are

The Career Transition Networking Group at The Wheaton Bible Church located in West Chicago.

The Career Ministry at the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton.

More websites for your Wheaton Job Search

Below are various websites that you can use to help with your job search. Some are national and some are local. If available, I have limited the search to the Wheaton, Illinois area. Some of these sites allow you to post your resume and receive emails on current job openings.

Let us know if this helped in your Wheaton job search

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