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Future Dreams, Goals and Plans

Updated on December 12, 2012


The keys to destiny are tied to the biblical tribes of Israel. The first is Levi, which means connect, and making Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord is the first step to reaching goals the right way. The book goes on to describe the rest of the tribes, their meaning as it relates to destiny and the gems tied to each of their names.

Trusting In Luck

Will "trusting in luck" get you where you want to be? This video answers that question.

Radio Reviewer Comments

One radio reviewer said of my book, Keys To Detiny, "I found this book intriguing. Each chapter has a nugget of encouragement, truth, or thought to chew on. The book is formatted by a 'key' principle represented through the tribes of Israel, and the meaning of their names. Throughout the pages the author reminds us, just as God lead His people many years ago, He leads His children today."


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