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Kneeling Posture Chairs

Updated on February 3, 2016

Ergonomic chair options: Kneeling Posture Chairs

No matter how well an ergonomic office desk chair may be designed, there are some people who sit in the right-angle position that just can't get comfortable, and can experience pain throughout the day while working, effectively cutting down on productivity and efficiently.

In answer to that problem engineers in Norway first designed the posture or kneeling chair in order to deal with that very need and challenge.

What the kneeling chair does is offer what is called an open thigh to spine angle, which gives the person the feeling that sitting upright is far less straining than when in a regular chair or even other ergonomic desk chairs.

How it is practically used is a person sits in a position that is about halfway between sitting and standing, with their knees against the lower pads. 

Swivel Style Kneeling Posture Chair

There are also a variety of kneeling posture chairs, including those identified as ergonomic swivel style kneeling posture chairs.

Some of these use a gas lift mechanism which adjusts the backrest up and down to the desired height while also allowing the swivel effect. This is especially effective for posture, while also being comfortable.

Certain models also include a temperature sensitive foam in their knee pads to offer up extra comfort, support and protection.

These type of kneeling, posture chairs also claim to line up your neck, shoulders and back very well, and so add to its value. 

Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair

Using more than one style of ergonomic kneeling chair

With some of these types of chairs, along with executive ergonomic chairs, if you have the option of using a couple of different styles for different purposes, it seems to be much better than one-size-fits-all practice.

But because all people aren't able to have more than one option, it is better to use one style that has the most adjustments and customizability to fit the particular user the best.

If you do have access or own more than one at home, by all means use them for different activities, as some ergonomic desk chairs perform better than others. 

Kneeling posture chair value

One of the problems associated with the kneeling posture chair style, is the way it looks gives the person thinking about and viewing it the idea that it's really a strange position to site in and would be uncomfortable and hard to endure.

In reality, those that give them a try say they would never go back to a different type of chair; even other ergonomic office chair styles. 

Chiropractors recommend kneeling posture chairs

While chiropractors have highly recommended using a kneeling posture chair, it's especially true for those who experience back pain and discomfort using any type of chair available to them.

Think of it: what do you have to lose? If the chair doesn't work for you after trying it out, you can always go back to the most comfortable other type of chair available to you.

The best thing to do would be to go to a store that carries them and try them out a few times. Because the position is foreign to most people at first, try it out several times before making a decision.

After getting used to it it could be the best and most comfortable chair you've ever used, and if you're using a chair for work purposes, you know how important that is to you. 


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