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Knowing Your Customer

Updated on September 20, 2013

Why Customer Service Is Essential To Your Business

With the advent of online sales and vast variety of retailers potential customers can buy products and services from a large variety of places. This has led to customer service becoming more and more important to smaller businesses as it can be a very important point of difference to their larger counterparts. But customer service is not just about serving your customer believe it or not. It is about getting to know them, learning their needs and satisfying them so that both you and the customer benefit.

Learning About Your Customer

While most businesses have loyalty programs, marketing programs they fail to learn more about the customer so they can connect better. This is in part why social media has been so successful for businesses who use it effectively. They can connect to customers on an individual basis and use this information to the betterment of the business.

While Social Media is popular it isn't the only method available. You can survey customers regularly by mail, phone or email. Send out engaging newsletter. Conduct regular opinion polls. Then, look for trends through the data and use it to improve what your business does and how it engages with its customers.

Evaluate Your Service

Regularly evaluation of your customer service is a necessity in today's economy. You can use surveys, mystery shoppers and online polls to gather information. It can also be tied to performance evaluation of your staff. Use in combination with other information gathering tools will help you assess problems more accurately. Example, if a sales slump is due to poor product choice or range, poor customer service, poor marketing or poor location. Regular evaluation can help you pinpoint the problem, thus taking action sooner and the sooner action is taken the more damage can be avoided.


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