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10 Best Ways to Earn Money from Internet

Updated on December 26, 2015

How to start earning from web in 5 Minutes

Internet is the best way to create your second earnings. Many of the people have knowledge on using Internet for day to day life. There are many ways to earn money online from Internet. There are many techniques, tools and websites available that will help you to earn money online. This hub helps you to give ideas and ways to earn your second earnings through online jobs.

There are many websites which are providing work from home jobs, freelance jobs, article writing jobs and many part time jobs in web. Depending upon your expertise in various categories, you will be able to earn your second earnings online. There is also options to start small business online with very less investment. This hub covers all the options to start your earnings online

But if you want to earn money in minutes, then you should not be reading this article. This article gives genuine ways to earn money online on a short to longer term.

Little information about you to get started

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Earning Money from Web
Earning Money from Web

#1 How to start earning from web

#1 First Step is to know about various resources

There are many ways to earn from web. Some are genuine and some are spam. If you compare the ratio of genuine to spam, it is 1:100. So one should be very careful in identifying the genuine websites and jobs in web which actually provides money for users. Otherwise all the time and efforts that are spent will be wasted.

First step is to identify the best work from home jobs, writing jobs and freelance jobs in Internet. These are the three major resources to earn money from Internet. The other way is to start your own online business in web.But business online comes from experience and you can earn a second income online easily if you develop credibility online

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Earning from Web
Earning from Web

#2 Identify the Resources and Information Providers

#2 Get informative links and website information

Second important thing is to identify the best resources and information providers related to work from home jobs. There are many websites and blogs in Internet which provide information related to genuine website reviews, how these blogging and website experts have earned from various Internet websites and how you can actually earn from there.

There are many ways to start earning money using Internet and it is up to you on picking which field you want to start with. I have added some of the top resource links in my article Top work from home jobs where I wrote detailed information on how to earn from different websites online.

What according to you is the best way to earn online

What is the best online job that earn you more money

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Earning money from computer
Earning money from computer

#3 Picking the best Internet Money Resource

Select the best option that helps you to earn

As I said above, there are many resources available in web to earn from web. So you need to select one or two ways which you want to start earning from web. I have shared some of the top below in list form. So that you can find these links useful.

1. One Lens I have started already is on work from home jobsWork from home Tips

2. Write a blog and start earning money. I have written the lens how to earn from blogging in the lens Earning Money from Blog Tips

3 Improving page rank and increase site traffic. This will help you earn money online blogging. Given below is the link for Earn Money Online blogging

4 Participate in surveys and earn money.

5 Earning Money from social media sites like twitter and Facebook. Some of the best tips to earn from social media in the lens earning from twitter

#4 Article Writing and Freelancing

How to earn through blogging and freelancing

One of the best ways to earn money from blog is to drive traffic for your blog. Some of the best ways to drive traffic for your blog are through social media, blog advertising, and building your own fan base online.

First step for every blogger is build his own blogger base, a team of people who are really interested in your blog. This brings lot of people who have a good opinion on your blog. This is really important for success of any blog.

Your blog should have topics that brings visitors. You should give a strong opinion on what you write and share your views on this topics.This brings more readers to your blog. Also it brings credibility and brings new readers to your blog or website.

I don't suggest you to use resources where people come and go, but the best way is to build relation online though social media and blogging.

When you achieve a good number of blog readers, you can achieve traffic automatically. Also once you have good number of followers and advertisers who love you to read your blog, you can start writing creative articles which impresses advertisers online.

There are many ways to earn money online. I tried blogging and article writing and it always gave success to me

#5 Earning Resources from Amazon - Get Best Books from Amazon

Amazon is one of the top resource providers in Internet. You can find some of the top books related to work from home jobs. Some of the top money earning tips books are mentioned below. Amazon periodically checks for the best books and updates in the list below.


#6 Start your Own Business

Starting own business is not so difficult. You can start your own business online through many ways. Either you can start selling your creative drawings or your photographic skills online. There are many websites online which can showcase your skills.

To develop your skills is to earn your credibility online. In eveything you do, you need positive feedback. Business online is also tied up with credibility. Build your credibility by starting your business online. I will try to cover small business online tips in separate hub.

Share your experiences

Internet Earning is the first earnings for many people while it is a part time job for many others. There are many people who earn good amount of money through Internet.

I request you to share your experiences in earning online. It would definitely help people identify the best way to earn money online

© 2009 Sriram Raj

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    • robbwindow lm profile image

      robbwindow lm 6 years ago

      Thanks for the traffic generation tips for bloggers ksrpraj I have been studying this topic for two years and found this Squidoo page during more research. Good Squidoo page I have a blog at check it out if you like somewhere you will find a post about traffic genration through classified ads, hope it helps.

    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 7 years ago

      Wow...loads of ideas to get quick money. Where do I start? There are a lot of opportunities to make money on the internet. Be creative and find something that you love and write about it. Plus, you get to earn, too! Brilliant! Hey, Iâve just finished my second lens on a 3-step plan to achieve your Goals and New Years Resolutions.When you have a moment, I would love to hear what you think. If you have a suggestion- please let me know. Iâm learning as I go and so appreciate your help. Sundae ;-)