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Lanyard Uses

Updated on December 12, 2013

The Many Uses of the Lanyard

The lanyard is far more that a gadget to carry your keys. A simple idea that was born more than three hundred years ago is proving itself to be more useful than ever before.

Fishing, plumber's helper, pet aid etc. The lanyard can do it all.

The Versatile Lanyard

The lanyard has far more uses than many people realize. Certainly lanyards can be used to carry keys and they are great for keeping your ID safe and handy. They are also wonderful items when it comes to your cell phone or your digital camera. However, did you know that a lanyard is a great pet helper?

Lucky for dog owners there are still some places where you are not required to have your dog on a leash. This is the perfect place to have a lanyard. If you are planning to take your pet to an off leash park or a similar place you can use the lanyard as a quick temporary leash. You will probably have to get the dog out of the car and into the park. During this short interval, he will have to be leashed. Rather than bringing his leash, take a lanyard and loop it through the dog's collar for this short distance.

The lanyard also makes an ideal leash when you are walking on a very busy sidewalk. Rather than bringing two leashes, or trying to bunch up a long one, simply loop the lanyard. This short leash will make weaving in and out of pedestrians and around poles simple and easy. Once you have gotten past the busy section, you can go back to the regular length of leash.

Another great use of the lanyard is as a water bottle carrier. You are probably well aware of all the concerns over disposable water bottles contributing to the landfill problems. You can take along a refillable bottle for you and the dog to enjoy while you are out walking. If your dog is large enough, he can even carry his own bottle during the walk.

Every responsible pet owner knows that they have to clean-up after their pet. You should do this even if it is not the law. To make this unpleasant task easier, prepare a lanyard pouch before you leave the house. Put a number of pet bags in the pouch, a pair of disposable gloves and maybe even a wipe or two. Keep this bag where you keep your pet's leash and when you go to take the dog out you will have everything you need ready to go in one handy little package.

A lanyard is a perfect tool to help you with your pet training. When you are training a dog you are probably going to want to have a number of treats with you. Rather than keeping these in your pocket, or holding them in your hand, you can use a special puppy lanyard treat bag. If you are training your animal using the clicker method this is an ideal place to keep the clicker. You can also use the pouch to carry other training items i.e. a drag line, whistle etc.

A lanyard is designed to help you to carry things when you want to have them handy. Why not get a lanyard to help you walk and train your best friend?

The Military Lanyard

If you look in the dictionary one of the definitions for lanyard is, "a small cord or rope that has an attached hook. This is used to fire various types of canons".

Many of the older canons that require a rammer and sponges, also need a lanyard. One of the people on the firing crew would have to attach primer to his lanyard and then attach this to the canon. It was this person's job to actually fire the canon. Once the canon has been packed and loaded, the commander would give the order to fire. The lanyard person would give a sharp tug and (hopefully) the canon would fire.

Today in the military the lanyard still has a number of functions. One of the most important ones is ensuring that soldiers in the field or in combat situations do not lose their weapons. They use a lanyard to attach their pistol to their belt. This simple measure ensures that no matter what happens in the heat of battle, their pistol will always be with them.

The military also use a number of different types of shoulder lanyards. These lanyards are frequently very decorative and are used solely with their dress uniforms.

Do you own a lanyard?

What is it for?

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      5 years ago

      Excellent lens. It always pays to be prepared!


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