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Lets Talk Lanyards

Updated on December 12, 2013

Lanyards - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The lanyard is a common sight, in today's world. People all over are wearing these versatile cords. However, few people take the time to really understand its past or appreciate all of its potential.

Lanyards are both fun and practical. A personalized cord can be used to keep an individual safe, or it can be a great hobby aid.

This product may be simple in design, but it has hundreds of applications.

The Name of the Lanyard

Learning the history of an item often gives clues as to how and why they were created. This is the certainly the case when it comes to the lanyard.

In order to trace the roots of the lanyard you have to break the word into two parts.

The first part of the word is "lan".

There are two theories as to the origin of this section of the word. The first is that it comes from old French and it comes from the word "laniere". This French word means a thong or strap.

The other theory suggests that the word is from old English and is derived from the word lainer. This word in old English meant a strap or thong which was used to tie pieces of armor or clothing together.

The second part of the word is "yard".

The yard is a nautical term; it is actually a physical part of a ship. The yard is a horizontal beam which is attached to masts. This beam runs horizontally. It is used to tie down the bottom part of either square or triangular sails.

The Creation of the Lanyard

To truly understand the history of the lanyard one must understand the time period in which it was created. The lanyard dates back hundreds of years to a time when tall ships were seen on all of the world’s Oceans. This was an era of adventure and exploration. However it was also was one of danger, which is why the lanyard was created.

Image, if you can life aboard one of these ships. For the common sailor each day would have been fraught with peril. One of the most dangerous tasks that a sailor would have been asked to do was to climb into the crow’s nest or to adjust the sails on the ship. At sea the rigging would have been, salty wet and slippery. During calm seas this would have been a daunting climb. However, during high winds and rough waters this task would have been nigh impossible. And to make this task even more challenging a sailor would frequently be asked to make this climb while trying to hold various pieces of equipment.

It was these common sailors who devised a solution to this dangerous problem. They invented the lanyard. They used the various pieces of scrap rope on the ship and fashioned them into straps which could be tied around their necks. Once in place they would then tie the various tools which they needed when they were in the rigging. This simple technique had two big advantages. Having the item tied meant that there was virtually no chance of the item falling and it ensured that their hands were free to make the climb.

The use of this device did not go unnoticed. Those on shore recognized that this gadget could be implemented to help them in their daily tasks. They began making their own lanyards. However, instead of nautical tools they would tie the tool and items which they needed to the cord.

This idea has withstood the test of time; in fact the lanyard is used more than ever. People today use lanyards in the office, on their daily walks and in their homes. These handy cords are being used to carry cell phones, MP3 players, glasses and bereaves and everything in between.

Hobbies and Lanyards

People enjoy all kinds of hobbies. They do everything from fishing to stamp collecting. Many of these hobbyists have discovered that they can incorporate lanyards into their activity. They can do this by changing and adding various attachments to suit their personal needs. All kinds of cords can be obtained at online web sites like the Lanyards Depot

The Fisherman

These people like to carry various bits and piece of their gear on the lanyard. The great thing about this carrying method is the fact that they can carry numerous items at the same time. Lures, bait, bobbers, weights and clippers can all be kept on a single cord. Additionally, this same lanyard can have a holder on the cord which can hold and protect a person's fishing license.

The Bird Watcher

Bird watchers or ornithologists are using lanyards to hold their binocular. They have found that cords made from materials like satin and pure cotton are far more comfortable than many of the straps which come with the binoculars.

This cord can also be used to carry bottles of water or other beverages that the watcher may want to have while they are out in the woods.

The Sewer

Individuals who like to sew are using lanyards to hold their pin cushions. This method makes certain that the pins are always handy, and provides an alternative to keeping the pins in their mouth. They are also using lanyards to hold small items like tape measures and seam rippers.

The Scrap Booker

Scrap bookers use their lanyards for all kinds of things. They are adding holders for keeping some of the smaller pieces of material handy. They are also using the cords to hold things like special clipper and scissors.

The Jogger

Runners who have to be out late at night or in the early morning are using their lanyards to carry personal protection gadgets. They are also keeping items like cell phones and MP3 players on their cords.

If you have any kind of hobby, chances are that you can find a way to incorporate a lanyard.

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