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General Outline for Recruiting and Working with Leads

Updated on February 22, 2013

First, you need to understand that in order to recruit, you need to constantly speak with people. These is many differant ways to get leads. Talking with people when you are out of your home, running newspaper ads, purchasing leads, and advertising online.

The key is to constantly speak with others. You have to purchase more than just a few leads per month. Run more than one ad a month. It takes consistency in order to make your recruiting efforts pay off.

You must plant those seeds, and you will reap the rewards.

Recruiting is a numbers game; you have to have many contacts that you speak with every day. Do not get discouraged if you get told no or if someone you contact really doesn't seem to be interested.

This business is not for everyone, so you just say "next" and go to the next person. Do not take it personally.

If you are serious about recruiting you need to have the tools that are needed to make your efforts successful. All these tools fit together and work for you to build your business when you're not.

#1 - Auto- responder

There are many differant ones out there, check with your sponsor to see what they recommend or use.

This is your automated service that works for you 24/7, and 365 days a year.

#2 - 800 # or toll free number

So prospects and customers can get a hold of you. There is a service through Scent Sations which is

But again, check with your sponsor to see what they are using.

#3 - Unlimited Long Distance Plan

You will be calling leads all over the United States and Canada. This is a must in order to recruit. Most phone companies have these plans.

#4 - Business Cards

I recommend ordering from the company. Some have tried to print their own but ended up costing them more money in the long run.

The company cards are nice. You could also go to vistaprint and pick your own design.

#5 - Brochures

You purchase these from the company. From your back office or by calling into the company.

#6 - Printer

You need to invest in a printer or have a way to get copies made of the recruiting letter to send out to prospects and other materials.

#7- Supplies

  • Postage Stamps
  • Envelopes
  • Paper
  • Labels
  • Votives
  • 2x3 inch plastic bags


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    • The How To Hub profile image

      The How To Hub 9 years ago from Australia

      Great advice Marie : ) Be a boy scout so to speak hey! Organised, prepared & informed on the actions needed. #1 is an essential tool to follow up with your leads. Spend a couple of hours writing emails, load them into your autoresponder and you can go for months without ever thinking about emailing your leads. Have you tried skype for long distance calls? Not sure how cheap it is in the US, but for me it costs peanuts compared to long distance calls from my home line.


    • Scent profile image

      Marie Myers 9 years ago from Berwick, PA

      Hello glycodoc... Thank you for posting that information. I know there are many ways.


    • glycodoc profile image

      glycodoc 9 years ago

      Don't forget that online attraction marketing is the most profitable way to recruit. Using Renegade University, Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, etc. as references.