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Your Vision of Success

Updated on January 21, 2013

You have a dream and I also have one, right? But, do you have a vision to achieve that dream of yours? What do you expect to happen where there is no vision? There is nothing we expect other than a life that is not well defined thus it is aimless. It is not easy to live by that life. If at one time you have found yourself living that life, then you know what I'm talking about.

Such an aimless life has miseries. A person is faced with one problem and before it is solved another problem arises which makes the first problem to worsen. As other problems arise before the previous ones are solved the clear reasoning of a person is lost. Such unpleasant situation happens because one was not able to project into the future using the past and present information.

Have you ever bothered yourself to find out why some families are living in abject poverty? For sure poverty does not strike without any good reasons. There are a number of reasons why some individuals are trapped in the vicious circle of poverty. One of the reasons is the inability of some families to use the past and present information to probe into the future.

Do not play cat and mouse game in addressing the current important matters because they will greatly influence the events that will happen tomorrow and the days to come. You have the present in your hands that you should use to prepare for the future. It is your vision that will enable you to see clearly how you want your future to be like. You form mental images on how you want some events to be like and how they should be done. This means that you will not only be thinking about the present events but the events that will happen in the future.

When you have a dream to achieve, your brain should run imaginary pictures of how you can transform that dream to be real. We are inspired by a vision that is good, a vision that gives us a hopeful life. What we visualize about enables us to set goals, plan and to be focused. We don't expect much to be done by a leader who lacks a vision; this also applies in families where parents lack vision.

Vision keeps the organization moving forward. Organizations are run by people who have the necessary skills and professional trainings to fill the various levels of management (hierarchical). These people need to be managed by leaders who have a vision to inspire them to work efficiently and enable the organization to achieve its goals.

Success is a subjective term therefore each person interprets it differently. You must map out every aspect of your life through visualization. The following details needs to be defined in your visualization.

1.) Who Are You Really? There is always a starting point and the starting point is by knowing who you are. It will be much easier for you to face whatever comes on your way when you know your strengths and weakness. You will gain insight about your life when you look very closely at your values, beliefs and principles. You can also think at your past experiences and present life so as to visualize how you want your life to be like in the future.

2.) Who Do You Want To Be? This is the important question in your visualization process that you must answer. Not knowing what you want to be is a crisis that will subject you to do things without any vision. You will be doing one thing to another that doesn’t define who you are. Your vision is who you want to be. Don't be a jack of all trades.

3.) What is Your Mission? You need a vehicle to take you to your destination and that vehicle is the mission you have. Your mission is dependent on what you really know about yourself.

4.) Do You Have Skills, Knowledge and the Attitude? Your visualization relies on the skills, knowledge and the attitude you have. This means it is imperative that you take the time to assess your attitude, skills and knowledge to help you to get where you want to be.

5.) Goal Setting and Planning: Visualization is useful in goal setting and in formulating plans. Through visualization you put your thoughts into actions like setting a goal, formulating a plan on how to achieve success etc. Goal setting will ensure your visualization is realistic, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. A plan will guide you and tell you if you're on the right path. However, the best plan should not be rigid but flexible to any changes that occur.

Do not do things with a broken spirit. Such a spirit is an obstacle in your vision.


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