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Liking your job even when you don't feel like

Updated on May 21, 2013

How to like your job

Most people hate their jobs for various reasons, ranging from poor pay to inflexible working hours. Trying to discover the major reason for hating your job would go a long way in helping you sort out the problems. Be it as it might , i devised some simple ways that helped me like my job .

How to like your Job

LIke the Job you hate

This days, because of massive retrenchments ,people are stuck in different kinds of jobs which they would rather opt out .However ,the need to keep the wolf away from the door pushes people to endure everything in the name of job. Be it as it might ,half bread is still better than non, even if only one side of the bread is buttered.There are ways that this situation could be turned to positive ,some of them includes

Understand that You are not alone

The realization that you are not alone in this problem could go a long way in helping you deal with the situation .In fact a higher percentage of the populace wish to change there job because they believe the grass is greener somewhere else.Some of this people could be more qualified than you ,if they could endure so could you.If wishes were horses ,who would want to work anyway.

Look at the positives

Every job has its positives ,even if the pay is low ,maybe the working hours could be flexible .You could use that time to get another job or do some other things.Secondly,make new friends and see the job as a learning is not all doom and gloom,take your time to find out what others are doing to enjoy the job. Moreover , if you are not prepared to give a job at least one year don't even bother trying.This is because it is difficult sometimes to understand how things work in a new place in less than one year.

Find out why you hate the job

Funny enough ,most people don't know why they hate their jobs .If the problem is with some of your colleagues ,you could always discuss with management , if it is the working hours the same thing goes.The fact remains that most people hate their jobs because they would rather stay at home and lazy around. Try to find out if you belong to such group , if you do, help your self to get out of such frame of mind.If it is within your power to sort the problem that makes you hate your job ,endeavor to sort it out

Visit A Local Employment Agency

Maybe a visit to your local employment agency will help you appreciate the challenges unemployed people face.When you see their struggles first hand, it could help you re- assess your position. Look around you ,in the street , in your family , you must surely have someone who is unemployed . Even if you are highly skilled ,employers could get worried about employing you if they notice that you change jobs regularly within a short period of time.Why not hang in there for sometime and see how it goes.

Keep Applying

There is nothing wrong in being ambitious ,if you feel your present job is not doing it for you , keep applying for better jobs .Make sure you don't make use of the company resources. The extra time you get from your job would be valuable in searching for a new job. This days the internet has made it easier .You no longer need to move from place to place dropping off resume , just a click of a button and your resume is sent to employers

Lastly, if your job doesn't pay you enough to live the kind of life you dream about ,then try some passive income business .Last time i checked ,there are so many of them that counting the stars would be an easier job than counting passive income jobs.Look for a good one and join . Alternatively you can look for extra jobs which you can combine with the first one to augment your earnings . The internet is buzzing with a lot of activities that any one with skills could easily identify a niche to make extra money.

Don't throw in the towel yet , remember, get a fresh water before discarding your used water

Checkout how to add another income stream to your income - You could stand out from the crowd and get that dream job.

The best way to like your job especially if the pay is low is to add another paycheck from work at home opportunity

Passive Income Researcher's Workbook
Passive Income Researcher's Workbook

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The Work-at-Home Success...Starting Your Own Home Business (Home Business 101 Book 9)
The Work-at-Home Success...Starting Your Own Home Business (Home Business 101 Book 9)

Another home income book that is as good as the others,if not better .Read and start smiling to the bank like others

Jobs Online: Find and Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job
Jobs Online: Find and Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job

The best ways to get hired to work at home. insightful and thought provoking. A must read


what are your experience with a job you didn't like - How did you overcome the problem

Did you find this lens helpful, your advice would be highly appreciated

How did you like your job

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