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Goals And Success

Updated on March 11, 2013

On The Journey

What have I been successful at today? It's almost noon and I've cooked, cleaned, run errands, played, and now I'm working on this piece. How have I been able to achieve all this when it's the middle of winter, it's 18 degrees, and it always seems there's something else to do. Well, I guess there is always something else no matter what we're doing, right?

The sun is shining from the South through my office windows. I have the portable heater going. From in here you'd think it was 85 degrees. This is the kind of thing that gets me through, and motivates me to move along through my day.

As I sit here I'm thinking I want to add something to my to do list. That is to get in some sort of exercise to day. Whether it's a little weight lifting with free weights or at least part of an exercise DVD. I want to get it in. After all, it is the start of a new year and all. That's invigorating in and of itself.

If I accomplish that I'd like to shower, dress and practice my tongue twisters for my voice overs. My studio is almost ready. When it is I'll be ready to start marketing my demos for commercials, and narrations for schools, and for films.

If I vow to do another thing this year it's going to be to carry around my mini recorder to collect thoughts and ideas as I go through my day. This is an easy tool for a writer to have, I've been meaning to start to carry it around and I just haven't yet. Actually, I got organized enough to get a little carrying bag for my little computer, and in it I've stashed the charger, my mini recorder, pen and paper, and all with room for phone and keys. So I 'm going to keep this around just like a mini briefcase. That is what it is anyway.I hope you can glean a little bit of the details one invokes to live a balanced life and achieve goals, all while enjoying the process of getting there.


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