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Find a Locksmith Bronx Style

Updated on October 17, 2010

Hire a Company You Can Trust

With almost 1.5 million people packed into 42 square miles, the Bronx a whole lot of doors and windows to be broken into. That said, there are a whole lot of locksmiths living in the Bronx to secure them. Of course, with all the scum out there, there's always the risk of hiring someone who's going to make matters worse - by setting you up to take a hit later, or just conning you there on the spot. It's important to know that the man you hire to get you into your car in a pinch, to protect your business, or to keep your family safe is someone that you can trust. The companies in the following list have been screen strictly by the Better Business Bureau, and they all come up sparkling and clean. You can only trust the best - here's the list - find a locksmith Bronx living.

Get yourself on the secure track

6 Quality Locksmith - Bronx Companies

Quality Locksmith LLC
All-in-one security shopping and service with the Bronx Quality Locksmith.  They’ll install security doors, gates, surveillance systems for you home or business - all in addition to traditional locksmith services.  Being a distributor of the security products they sell, they’re able to pass on the value to you, and pass additional value with they’re every day promotions.  Right now, you can get 10% off all locks, or have them install a 200 lbs safe for you for free.

Action Locksmith
Their owner, John Freitag, is a retired police officer, who is able to use his company to offer you a sense of security from an experienced perspective.  The company is endorsed by Service Magic and the BBB, meaning you can count on quality.  They do everything from card access systems to custom safe configurations, and the trip out to your house or business is totally free - they’re not on your clock until they get there.

Central Lock and Security Systems
These guys are professionals.  They’ve been servicing the New York City area for over eight decades, and have built up a reputation to rival anyone in the business.  Their client list includes everyone from the New York Times to the prestigious Waldorf Astoria.  If you need a master key system or CCTV set up for your business, these are the guys to call.  They’ll do the job right, and make you an expert on the product.

Arties Hardware and Locksmith
The Bronx is full of seasoned veterans in the security field, and Artie’s Hardware and Locksmith is no exception.  Since the roaring 20’s, this company have been supplying the people in the great NYC with a peace of mind in their homes and offices.  Since then, they’ve expanded their business to intercom, surveillance installations...even paint sales.  You can give them a holler right now for a free estimate.

SOS Locksmith
Get your safe delivered to your house for free, or get your first lock installed for 15% off.  These dudes are always pumping great deals into the market because they know that their customers with security needs will keep coming back.  As mentioned, get a lock installed or repaired, a security camera configured - they perform custom iron work. 

Paragon Security and Locksmith
Whether you’re locked out of your car at 6:00 AM in the dead of winter, or you can’t get into your house after a brutal day at work, give Paragon a call.  They’ve been servicing the Bronx for 15 years, fulfilling nearly every facet of the locksmithing, shining particularly well in the realm of emergency 24/7 service.  In addition, you can employ them with confidence to do everything from safe consultation and installation to window gates, to master key systems - even mailbox design and custom hardware. 


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