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locksmithri Tools of the Trade

Updated on February 22, 2016


Locksmith Tools

A locksmith uses a large variety of tools on the job. A pick set is the one that is most commonly used. A good lock pick set has somewhere between 10 to about 50 pieces or more. The price is determined by the number of pieces in the set. A larger set might cost more than a hundred dollars while a smaller set will probably cost about thirty dollars. But the smaller set is usually adequate for even a master locksmith. After all, if a locksmith is not able to use a more expensive set it does no good for him to have it. All pick sets will include a tension wrench and different size picks. The locksmith will use the tension wrench to prevent the tumblers from moving while he picks the lock. Then, after the tumblers are held in place, the tension wrench can turn the cylinder. Check here to view website.

Another tool that is commonly used by a locksmith is a pick gun. Depending on whether or not this pick gun is an electric or manual model or if it has a trigger pull, the price will vary. The pick gun is used to transfer energy directly to the pins. Doing this makes them jump into position. The tension wrench and the pick gun are used together. If not, it will not be possible for Locksmith RI to turn the cylinder.

There is also a professional bump key in every locksmith’s tool box. You can find out how to make a bump key set for some resources, but it is illegal to make them. Because they can be used to break into homes and cars, they are usually not sold to the general public. There is a different type of bump key set for each type of lock. Each bump key has a distinct ridge-line and is cut at the lowest level. It is quite easy to use a bump key set. First the right bump key is inserted into the lock. Then the bump hammer is hit against the bump key. The energy this produces will cause the pins to bump into the correct place. Sometimes it takes more than one blow from a hammer before it works and the lock pops open. Sometimes even locksmiths who are quite experienced use bump key sets to save time when they are trying to open a lock.

The general public should never have access to locksmith tool sets. The only people that should use these tools are professional locksmiths. That is so there will be a lower chance of robberies and break-ins. There are people who pick locks because it is a challenge and sometimes they enter competitions but, of course, it should never be used to commit a crime. Call a locksmith if you have a lock that needs to be repaired. They can do a professional job because they have the necessary training and tools.


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