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Updated on January 27, 2012

Most people tend to freak out and worry themselves sick when they loose a job. First relax and think clearly. Look at the positives. What are your blessings? Could it be that if you are no longer working, maybe just maybe there is something different for your life? We all have special talents and gifts.

So, maybe the circumstances aren't ideal...what can you do to improve your situation and stay motivated and upbeat? First, pray for the answers and wisdom in your search for your next step. Then suit up and put on your big boy or big girl pants. If you can apply for unemployment, if you don't want to....some people say do it anyway. I say, do what you feel. If you decide not to for some reason, then you have to move forward quickly and don't miss an opportunity to do something.

Stay on the move people, stay active, use your skills and talents everyday. Don't let the company that let you wiggle away from them get the best of you.Now that you have done that, let's look at personal changes. Are you unorganized with your finances, home cleaning, personal lifestyle, and responsibility? Get on top of it.

The more you organize your life and keep yourself in check; the more you will feel confident and have pride. Confidence is a HUGE key to have success gaining employment. Once you have your confidence level up. Now, take a look at your finances, what can you cut out of your budget? Slim and trim your situation as much as possible. Then look to sale unused items just laying around the crib. For this, I personally suggest E-bay or a yard sale. Amazon is a great site for selling books.

I know this may sound drastic, but can you pawn anything? An old tv or gold necklace you never wear? Take it down to your local pawn shop. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Just do it! Extra cash in your pocket to pay down any debts or store up on food, etc. While you are selling things and improving your personal lifestyle, let's look at more income being generated in. First be sure to have a current up-to-date resume. Don't use one resume for each position you apply for, unless you are only applying for one type of position.

Go to online sites and submit resumes for jobs and print or keep emails to remember where you have applied. Get up early and go to employment agencies. Also, stop in to business you think would be a good match for you. Give your resume or fill out an application. Don't jump to the first job offered unless you know you will enjoy it and it's a great opportunity. You don't want to cut yourself short and go to a dead-end job. So, began your search with careful submissions to jobs in the first place.

On to other sources besides another 8-5 job. Think outside the box. What are your skills or talents? Are you a photographer, artist, web designer, writer or good at cleaning? Think about it long and hard. When you figure it out search and promote yourself. You may ask how... here's my answer. Just start somewhere. Look online for places to write, like hub....(hint, hint). If you know how to make websites or designs...get started. Create your own website or make business cards and start handing those cards out no matter where you go.

Use word of mouth, social networks, friends and of course family. Spread the word. See if you can put an add for your skill somewhere. There are so many ways to generate income. Last but not least....DON'T get down or give up!!!! I have faith in you!


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