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Freelance Income from Magazine Writing

Updated on December 5, 2017
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The ability to communicate with words is an extraordinary thing. Reading and writing bring unbridled joy. This is freelance writing for me


This particular venue is lucrative for the right type of writer

Magazine writing is one niche of freelance writing which has become extremely popular. This particular variety of creating content is very profitable for lots of reasons. A professional with the right fit discovers the variety and income is much more than most imagine.

There is an attraction with publishing in a well known magazine as well as the opportunity of working with different clients on a multitude of niches, income and job stability. An extremely wide variety of niches to choose from makes it almost impossible to say no to.

Any individual wanting more information before moving into this genre has come to the right place. There are plenty of questions and concerns about the industry. This article provides valuable and useful material in that direction.

How do to find work?

The work itself has the possibility of becoming very challenging. It is not as simple or easy as folks believe. Sometimes it is down right difficult as a way to make a living. Avoid letting this deter an interest in it. There are hurdles no matter which direction a career takes an individual.

Getting inside of the doors of any establishment is the first step. Though, there is not a lot of turn over at most of these companies. Postings for open positions are rarely seen. How does a writer connect with one for work?

It is wonderful to have this experience on a resume but the work is demanding and at times difficult to come by. Publications typically have established crews on staff and freelance work is not the norm.

This does not mean a person never finds the work. Most jobs are not simply sitting around waiting to be filled. In fact, the norm is to approach the magazine directly and ask for an interview, application or job. Getting inside of the door is where everything begins.

The competition is stiff. Demand is high and job supply is low for freelance magazine writing. Getting editors to notice an individual's work will certainly help sway some jobs in the right direction. Get the best material around the web ready for display.

Make a way to find the work

Lots of times writers solicit these publications asking for work. This means being responsible for promoting personal material to the editors responsible for hiring. . Magazines do not always seek a writer out. In fact, the norm is approaching them.

Displaying terrific skills, expertise and a wonderful resume of material make a big difference in whether or not an employment opportunity is seen for any open projects they have available. One of the most important things to remember is quality always wins out over quantity.

Showcase expertise and skills

Writers owning any area or niche of a specific form of expertise will do best to match up with the right magazine. In other words, if the niche is for technical writing and an individual does well to solicit publications in this same field.

For an example, a specialist in a particular area for women's fashion articles matching up with a publication which focuses on this niche will look closely at a writer submitting a resume and samples of work in this area. Sending a resume for fashion material to a duck call magazine is a waste of time.

There is nothing which says more than one magazine is the limit for discovering work. In point of fact, bloggers do well linking up with magazines. A blog in the same niche full of wonderful posts, videos and pictures are a great way to get inside of the door.

Countless writers discover most jobs are temporary one subject to a client's request, a good job gains points. This means the next time outside help is needed or a job is open there is a good chance the editor remembers this wonderful writer.

More than a few writers work as photographers are well. This is an opening which fits with this type of work beautifully. The publications is chocked full of pictures and images. Selling these is even easier than writing material for posting. Look into this as well

Search job boards

There are writing job boards post opportunities for these jobs every now and then. The prospects are generally few and far between. However, searching for a way to break into this niche means compromises must be made in some instances. Take these jobs even if the pay isn’t very much until a chance to network and build more jobs up in the industry comes along. Substitute the pay for the experience and the addition boost to a writer resume.

Try cold calling for jobs

There is always the option of cold calling or cold emailing the editors of some of these businesses for work. Only attempt this method if there is a feeling of a good fit and a great level of confidence this is the one.

Look to connect via great education, expertise and personal experience. Many have online versions of paper counter parts and hire a great freelance writer for the open positions if the fit is good. Begin a personal letter with an offer of providing content as a guest. This is another way to get in the door and a heads up to add to professional experience. Slide into a more permanent position after gaining that initial job.

What is the pay like?

Income depends on writing tasks received from these types of publications. Employment will not necessarily be steady which makes income vary. A number of times it is feast or famine. This means receiving lots of jobs with a great deal or steady stream of income and then the pay and jobs trickle off to little or nothing.

Pay per hour or per project fee

Payment is made one of two ways. Per hour or per project fee is the usual. Many people ask if you should earn your income per project or per hour when you receive writing clients or jobs. Which will pay the most in the end? Normally getting a job from magazines means asking a writer to accept payment per assignment or per project rather than per hour.

There is always a question as to which payment method will net more money. Almost always it’s better to take the fee for each project rather than the an hourly fee. This may seem a little different from other types of employment, but it works with this writing job venue because of the assignments and tasks.

Accepting the fee method means whether creating material for 10000 words or 400 words, both pay the same. Per project is usually better for the client, while per hour is better for the writer. There will not always be a choice. If you want to break into the area or field some concessions will have to be made. After establishing credibility and a positive reputation, it is possible to make changes to earnings and contracts. These changes pertain to things such as a different payment method.

Project fee versus hourly rate of pay

Taking the hourly pay with a project that takes a writer a half hour rather than the project reimbursement is where there is compensation issues. If the earnings are $8 an hour versus $20 for an entire 30 minute task, the project fee gains more income than the hourly fee. In fact, an hourly fee will lose money. Additionally, it is difficult sometimes to judge how long a project will or will not take to complete. Review the assignment and make the choice that nets the most money in the end.

Article writing becomes faster as and perfection does as well the more an individual writes. Research is quicker and easier as well as putting together subject matter in a logical well formatted manner for print. Therefore, a "per hour" rate nets less money than the" per project" fee time and time again more experienced is gained

Is the work consistent?

Income in this setting as a rule is not consistent unless there is an established relationship with a magazine or editor offering a long term commitment. The commitment includes a continual supply of related opportunities which match the skills levels a personal has in order to increase income. Without a commitment to a specific publication or client giving this sort of security, a great earning potential is difficult to realize and the success rate slow.

Do not let this discourage any writer breaking into the industry which is extremely profitable and wonderful as a writing experience. The more proficiency in this area the more alternatives and choices are available in a career. Including how payment is made and the number of jobs received.

Whether creating content about paint or clothes, put the best material in text. Follow rules and guidelines outlined to assure payment and remain on the list of future workers.
Whether creating content about paint or clothes, put the best material in text. Follow rules and guidelines outlined to assure payment and remain on the list of future workers. | Source

This is a difficult niche to make a living at as a freelance writer as a newbie. This is true whether using an online method or working for a print publication. Beginners starting out would do well to consider this as a more advanced category of clients. Something to work towards after gaining a little experience under the belt.

In conclusion

Making a great paycheck writing for magazines sounds and is an exciting, energized field of creating content . However, the difficulty of competition for this area and opportunity to discover open assignments is very low compared to the workers available. Most folks stepping into this category discover it enjoyable and rarely turn toward another area in the marketplace once successful.

For taking the first steps in making a living as a freelance writer consider magazine writing a second choice and focus on other niches for paying the bills.

There are always exception to the rule. For the most part the rule stands. If the desire overwhelms the writer, take a leap of faith. This is how articles and legends are made. Do not get discouraged if things go awry. There is always tomorrow.

Amazon has a wonderful guide for beginners breaking into magazine writing.

Writing short stories for magazine publishers. Great advice

Avoid overloading on gigs. Overwhelmed writers rarely create wonderful articles and burn out fast.
Avoid overloading on gigs. Overwhelmed writers rarely create wonderful articles and burn out fast.

Several of the best places to get started with this career. These are not as well known, but the pay is terrific. The competition is slightly less than the more

There are more than a few places to find clients hiring writers for magazines. Though, these are the most popular and tend to view freelancers more positive than others in the field.

a. BuzzRead

This is a forum which accepts 2000 plus word essays. The possibility of going viral is likely which means not only incredible notoriety, but big bucks.

b. Dame Magazine

The focus is for women over the age of 30. Do not let the the title and aim deter any writer from trying to get in. The pay is terrific and the written work earns a cool $200 on average.

c. Luna Luna

A magazine designed for feminist, but accept content from anyone. Create a pitch and send in to the magazine. If liked or selected, an essay is soon to follow. There is no pay, but for the novice getting a free publication in a great magazine is always a great thing.

d. New Statesmen

This is a Canadian literary platform. Editors request pitches and ideas and respond within 24 hours if liked or disliked. If accepted, the article will follow. Pay varies depending on the material.

e. Slate

This magazine is giving up great dollars for varieties of content. In fact, the pay is $250 to $500. Pitch article through online site and hear back on completing the job along with the pay

f. Slice

What makes this one unique is the fact that it accepts fiction and nonfiction. Although there is only a $100 payment, the variety is what makes it attractive. There is a 5000 word maximum.

All sorts of clients are out there. Some are searching for expertise in a variety of exclusive areas.

A few more updated 2017

There are tons associated with a specific state or area of the nation. For instance these are a few.

a. Minnesota-Minnesota is one of the states where fishing and hunting are big recreational activities. There are professional sports teams in basketball, baseball, football and of course hockey. This makes it possible to discover openings in a variety of niches.

The Minnesota Conservative Volunteer is a large one paying big money for small services. The desire is taking account of the natural resources for the state as well as recreational activities in the great outdoors.

Features, field notes and essays. Word counts for each category varies. Features 1200-1800, essays 800-1200 and field notes 300-600. Pay is 50 cents per word for everything but rights to the online rights to reprints range from $50 to $100

b. Oregon Humanities is tied to the state of Oregon. Surprisingly these folks are searching for writers from the state rather than material related to the area. Word counts vary from 400-4000 and payment is wonderful.

Reimbursement is $300 to $800 for features and essays of a personal nature. For more details of what these folks are seeking, contact them directly.

c. The east coast has Vermont Life. The wages are wonderful at $600 for departments and $800 for the features. The culture, way of life and any other factors of positive representation of the area are sought out.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 months ago from California

      Thanks very much for responding to one of my hubs - I was just starting to look for tips about writing magazine articles! Of course, I've been writing for HubPages for nine years but the money simply isn't good enough. Thanks for the timely input - the list of magazines looking for material is greatly appreciated!

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      sherrylou57 6 years ago from Riverside

      Awesome and thank you for your great information.

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      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm very useful , , ,a great insight on that market for writers , , ,I didn't realize much of the information , , ,thank you

    • izettl profile image

      Lizett 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

      I often wondered about writing for magazines. What I expected is what you've said in this hub so not sure if it's up my alley but you give great tips here.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      contact letters and freelance writers resumes are covered on my freelance writer blog for real and residual income. previous postings and upcoming postings on magazine writing are detailed.

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      zduckman 6 years ago

      do you have any tips on contact letters?