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Online + Offline Marketing ideas = Magic Marketing Mix

Updated on November 7, 2014

The indispensability of an immaculate marketing mix is not hidden anymore. A blend of online and offline venues can work wonders for a brand, offering it the right positioning in the market. But then it should be a "perfect mix" for the desired outcome.

I have seen many people getting jitters just by hearing the word ''campaign''. Not that I am very experienced in this field but then I have had my share of juicy adventures.

The main idea is to let your target audience know about your product and convince them to be game enough to try it out. But then, you might not want to irritate them at all times. So what clicks a consumer while watching an ad? As one amongst the audience, I see the ''relativity''.

It's time for both online and offline mediums mixed properly to deliver the right message. Online and offline marketing are two separate mediums catering to a wide range of people. So the advantages are more. However, such a mix requires careful implementation.

When you intend to use both online as well as offline mediums, make sure to target the right set of people in both the cases. You obviously would not want a million dollar campaign to be squashed into pulp.

So how to go about it? Let's look at the more conservative or offline media. I have mentioned a few basic points which would be of great help.

Electronic media - If the duration of your television ad is more than twenty seconds, then you would do nothing more than annoying the audience. So keep it sweet, simple and short. Tell your story and leave them in peace to decide for themselves. Constant bragging would not ensure their loyalty towards you.

Print media - You would not be an idiot to print ads just for covering space. So, do not use excessive space and avoid making it too bright and flashy. I would call that offline spam. I would only recommend this to you only if you are interested in getting rid of a few billion dollars.

In any form of campaign, Public Relations play a major role. A decent amount of press releases along with a scoop of billboards and hoardings and other outdoor media including events, stalls etc. would do just the right thing for you.

Using telecom is also a good idea which caters to almost the entire section of the target audience. This would actually prove to be helpful in putting the subject right into their heads whether they like it or not.

With the online medium, the tech savvy world of today can be easily targeted. Make use of good banners with catchy punchlines, online newsletters, videos, viral ads and the list goes on. Get addicted to the bug of social networking. This would do a lot good to you. There are many social networking sites, for example, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, that are booming on the web.

Exploit blogging as much as you can. It can take you places. Social bookmarking would help promote your blog and in turn your campaign. Keep the addicted ones glued to your blog and let them spread the virus further.

Viral marketing is another key topic which should not be missed out upon. Webcasts, podcasts, audio and video files of your brand could be easily made accessible for the audience in order to view and formulate their opinion.

Remember, with these ad campaigns, you are trying to build brands and create an image with which a consumer would relate. Also, you are trying to convince a consumer to buy your product or avail your services. So, you have to hit the jack pot in the first attempt itself.

Above all, make sure that your product is good and worthy enough of being advertised.


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