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Magnetic Name Tags Make You Stand Out!

Updated on November 4, 2014

The Importance of Name Tags for Your Business

Call them what you want because they come by dozens of names, but magnetic tags and lanyards are an essential part of your business operations.

These tags, which display employee names, your company brand, and the employee's position are easy to get and utilize. They help people identify quickly whom they're dealing with and what they do, and they help to establish your brand name.

This is paramount to boosting that brand name. Just walking into a business and being served by Jane Smith might not make a big impact on the minds of clients and customers. It takes something a bit more impressive to do that. A magnetic name tag or lanyard with a smart design showing your brand logo and the employee's name is better recalled by the client and customer. They'll remember the good service they received and tell others. This boosts your company or corporate recognition and profile and makes it easier for people to identify you on the web.

Tip: Here is where social networking comes into play. Your name tag should have your logo prominent but not overwhelming. When people are testifying to the fact that they've received good service or goods from you they'll post on their pages and others will share it sending your brand image all over. It will be easily associated with your employees and executives wherever they go. Think of it as an active moving mini billboard that continues to promote you and your company.


The variety of these name tags is astonishing. Some come with all kinds of bells and whistles. Lights, digital imagery, anything that attracts attention and focuses on your company and service. Some are designed so well and are so attractive that people actually ask to have one to wear as decoration. There are even collector's groups that trade lanyards from their favorite companies. The design work varies greatly and with the right designer you can find that you'll get people asking for your lanyards just for showing off. This is a great way to promote yourself especially if your lanyard has a logo of some cute cartoon character or cool and impressionable graphic.

Standing Out at Trade Shows and Conventions

Attending trade shows and conventions also calls for magnetic name tags and lanyards that people can see clearly, are attractive, and stick in one's memory. Your employees, salespeople, executives have to stand out from the crowd at these events and a properly designed name tag or lanyard can be the difference between success and failure.


That's where design comes in. Some of these tags and lanyards are remarkable! Companies try to add as much as they can to stand out with designs that even look like costume jewelry. The competition for cool designs leads to innovative steps that one may be unaware of. It depends on what your company's image is all about. If it's a computer or technology based company then there are name tags that can be designed to imitate the image of your most promoted product. Should you own a toy company then your most spotlighted toy can be reproduced thus adding that extra impact needed to get that brand recognition out there.


These name tags and lanyards are a lot of fun to have. Especially the fun in the designs. These things are borderline interactive entertainment at times and some actually are. There are designs that light up, have voice, video, interactive displays. It's a wonder they don't have coffee and soft drinks pouring out of them. That's an idea right there. Can you imagine having a name tag that can be interacted with that gives away free goodies like coffee, candy, discounts? It happens and finding the right name tag designer isn't that hard. You want to beat the competition. That's the main goal. Beat the competition by having your product and brand stand out beyond the rest. You want your salespeople to be memorable. You want to be able to go to board meetings or investor meetings and people knowing who is who. You'll stand out in the crowd with just the right design and presentation and you may get asked to give away some of them as souvenirs and collectibles.

This is a great way to promote your company if you have name tags that say “Satisfied Customer” or “Fan of Your Company”. You might even have some with slogans on them like “Have a happy day!” or some such with your logo and website/contact information on them. People like to wear decorative items and the right ones can spread like wildfire. Giveaways are always a great way to promote and retain customers. That's what you want; customers who can spread the word as well as keep coming back for more.

Ten Good Reasons to Get Magnetic Name Tags

1.) They identify your brand

2.) They impinge on the customer and client's memories

3.) They're easy to see for people to recognize you

4.) They promote what you're doing

5.) They're not expensive to produce

6.) They make good giveaways

7.) They increase customer retention

8.) They're easy to handle, ship, and carry about

9.) Well designed ones can become collectibles thus promoting your brand further

10.) They're exciting to staff and management

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That should outline the importance and value of having well crafted magnetic name tags and lanyards. They're an integral part of the business scene, and professionals recognize this. Just going to any trade show or office and one will see these all over every employee and executive and even desks and other objects. The issue here is putting your brand wherever you can and making it attractive enough for customers and clients to identify and remember you. You might have the most charming and charismatic staff in the world, but if someone doesn't know their name or their position in your company then you'll be at a loss. The same goes with your products and promotion and these tags fit the bill on boosting your presence and making sure your work and efforts are remembered and recognized.

Don't underestimate the value of having well done magnetic name tags and lanyards. They're a specialized tool that no professional company can do without.


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