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Make $1000 a month with Amazon Mturk

Updated on September 1, 2011

Make $1000 a month easily with Amazon Mturk

Although many internet ventures that involve making money online may not be lucrative, I am living proof that you can make a decent income in excess of $1000 a month with Mturk. I have compiled a few tips for how to achieve your goal with ease, so if you stick with me, your bank account will certainly become a little fatter.

Getting Started

If you have come across this lens, then that means that you are trying to figure out how you can make at least $1000 a month online. Making money online can be quite a hit or miss sort of venture, and I for one have had my fair share of misses. The most recent thing that I came across was Amazon Mturk, and although I was a bit skeptical initially, I am very happy with the results that I have seen from the site. I joined May 21, 2011 and in just 3 months, I am close to $1700 richer from that site alone. I went through a lot of trial an error with the site, and in an effort to avoid the hiccups that I went through when I first started with Mturk, I will simply break down how you can achieve your financial goal of making $1000 a month with Mturk.

$1000 a month

Making $1000 in a month online may be a bit of a tall feat if you are beginning to test the waters making money online, but if you break it down, in order to reach that goal, you only have to make $30 a day, which can be a piece of cake if you follow the below steps.

#1 Avoid the Penny HITS

It will be quite tempting to do the HITS that pay one or two cents because they are always around, but unless you can complete them in less than 30 seconds, they are not worth it, and even then, the pay per hour would barely top $1.20, which is much less than minimum wage, making it a horrible way to attempt to complete you goals.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the first few weeks you are on Mturk, you can only do 100 HITS a day, so if you waste your time doing 100 penny HITS, you will walk away with a whopping $1... very disappointing.

#2 Surveys can be your best friend

Many academic institutions utilize Mturk to conduct the research that they need for different projects and they usually pay pretty decently based on a per hour basis. The best experience I have had personally with a survey on Mturk has been one that paid me $18.00 for taking a survey that took roughly 25 minutes. That was awesome.

However, I must add that that particular survey was a fairly rare occurrence and you can typically expect them to pay around $0.25 to $2.00 for a survey that takes just a few minutes.

I also want to note that usually, the requester will give a rough estimate for how long the survey will take, ex. $0.25 for a 2 minute survey... so pay attention to that because it would be horrible to find yourself taking a survey that takes almost an hour only to be paid pennies for your time.

#3 Write on

The reason I was able to earn so much from Mturk in such a little bit of time is because I did a lot of writing HITS. I personally do not do them unless they pay at least a penny per word, but if the topic is on something I can write off the top of my head, then I *may take less pay. A good writing HIT will pay at least $1.00.


TurkerNation is a forum that allows workers and requesters to state their opinions on any and everything about Mturk. The site helped me personally because I was able to learn which HITS are worth it, which ones are scams, and when HITS to avoid entirely. It is one of the best resources I am aware of for making the most out of Mturk financially.


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