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Make Extra Money, Kid Style!

Updated on October 16, 2013

Kids enjoy having their own spending money. What better way for them to get it but to earn it them selves. This builds confidence and a good work ethic for children young and old.

Younger children can start around the house doing jobs that are above and beyond their normal chores. Seasonal jobs like shoveling snow, raking leaves or day to day jobs like dusting, cleaning up after the pets etc.. Parents can pay a small amount to help them reach a spending goal. This method is great for kids that are too young to work for a friend or neighbor.

Preteen children can do more ambitious jobs around the house and neighborhood. If it is safe they may want to go to some known neighbors and let them know that they are looking for jobs to make money and to keep them in mind. These jobs can be similar to the previously mentioned and spread into more independent jobs like dog walking, pet sitting and even babysitting if the preteen is experienced in caring for younger children. These jobs pay a little more too.

Teenagers in most areas of the USA can get jobs at local businesses. There are many online opportunities like eBay, article writing, selling crafts etc... At this age starting a small business is a fun and educational experience for a teenager, preparing them for adulthood.


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