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Make google adsense account easily

Updated on February 11, 2013

Start earning from today

Getting google adsense account is not easy thing . It takes sometime for your presentations to be reviewed by admins and it's a lengthy process. To make google adsense account you should understand what they need or how you can be eligible for it . I will tell you step by step how I got adsense account approved within 4 days.

Step 1 :- First thing is to have a gmail account , Or if you have already opened a gmail account you should open on your browser. You will see " Create a new blog " button . Click on that .

Step 2:- Step second is to write a blog . To do so you need to choose a blog address. For example . Choose a best URL for your posts which draws peoples attention quickly.

Step 3 :- Now after step second , You need posts on that blog. You need to write atleast 10 posts to have your adsense account to be approved quickly . Few people write 1-2 posts on a blog and submit for approving but it's wrong , Google will want to see more information on your webpage or blog before you get it .

Step 4:- Click on publish posts and make nice presentation by choosing layouts and theme. Now it's turn to open a sign up page . After clicking on that URL you will be asked to fill your information regarding your contents and personal info for receiving checks . You should click on submit now after completing form .

Step 5 :- Patience is key to success. You must wait for atleast 4 days to hear back from them. And it depends on holidays and weekends for time taken. Best is to submit on monday like I did and get approved within friday it's so great once you get it .


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