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Work at Home

Updated on December 17, 2011

How to Work at Home and Make Money

Is it possible?  There are many who are looking for a way to REALLY make money at home, but it seems that very few have found the means to do so.  In this blog I am going to share with you some information on a very legitimate home based business.  I personally believe that anyone who is really motivated to work at home can make money at this.

What I find as being the most difficult part of a home-based business is that people want to step into a highly lucrative money making business with very little to absolutely no cost.  In reality you cannot go into business for yourself without spending any money.  As the old cliche goes, "It takes money to make money."

Well, let me qualify my statement.  There are ways to make money without spending money.  Hubpages is one way to do that.  With a free blog site, signing up for Adsense and other affiliate programs, you can actually make some money.  Not only that it's fun.  But how many of the people that blog actually make enough money to live off of?  Out of the many bloggers very few are making enough money to live off of.

If a person wants to actually step into a position where within a relatively short period of time they they will be making money they are going to have to have a capital investment into a legitimate business.  That then brings up the very good question, "Which opportunities are real and which are not."  That is an excellent point and in my opinion one that a person must be very careful in.

In this blog I am going to share with you an opportunity that I feel is very legitimate.  I attended one of their presentation seminars and found it to be very credible.  Before I share with you what it is let me first of all state that I did not invest into their home-based business opportunity.  You may be curious to know why I did not invest in what I deem as a good home-based business.  The reason to that is very simple.  I am not in the market for a home-based business.  My reason for attending the seminar, even though I paid for it, was not to start a home-based business.  The reason that I went was because of some of the topics they were going to cover was of interest to me therefore I was willing to pay their fee to learn these particular areas.

Not only did I not invest in their opportunity I also receive no compensation for recommending them.  I say that because the reason I share this is because, after going through their seminar, I found their program very credible and knew after sitting through about seven hours of training that I would have absolutely purchased the program if I was in need of another income source.

The company I am speaking of is called Stores Online.  You can visit their website at  There are two things that I would say about visiting their website:

  • Reading their website will not give you the full grasp of what their program offers.  You really need to sit through one of their seminars to fully understand and see if their home-based opportunity is right for you.
  • The price you get at the seminar is FAR better than the price you get at their website.  Invest the time it will save you a bundle.

As I stated before, it takes money to make money.  There is a capital investment in this.  If you've read any of my blogs you know that I am all about increasing financially and not decreasing.  The capital investment into their program is around $6,000.00.  A lot of money by any standard.  However, they offer a financing program and said that they will take anyone no matter how bad your credit is.  I didn't look into their financing option, but even if you had to pay a couple of hundred a month to invest in their program I am confident that you could EASILY make that back in a short period of time.

There are so many methods to market things that it is hard to comprehend everything they make available to you by just reading their website.  Remember!  I don't make anything by telling you about them.  If you are really interested in a home-based business opportunity  call them up and ask if they have any seminars in your area.  Their process is that you will go to a free seminar, which is a sells pitch to go to the seminar I attended.  At this "sells pitch" you will receive a free lunch and an interesting presentation about their program.

From this teaser seminar you can enroll in the next level which will cost just under $50 for two people.  Spring for the $'s worth it.  You will also get a free lunch at the next seminar also.  Then at the full day seminar know that if you decide to invest it is going to cost you about $6,000, therefore go with a plan of how you can take care of that fee.  Then listen carefully and see if what they are doing will fit you.  Personally, I think they have enough to offer that it can fit almost anyone.

I am sure that this company is not the only legitimate company, but from what I have seen I would be very comfortable investing in their opportunity if I was looking to start a home-based business.


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      Eddie Troutt 8 years ago

      Nice blog dave.....Also good pic of you:-)