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Make money by using the law of Attraction

Updated on March 16, 2010

Getting what you want by thinking about it

The law of attraction has being a great source of help to people who want to make more money. The knowledge of this great law of attraction will not bring you more money but general success in almost anything you engage yourself in. having the knowledge of this law is not sufficient to bring you success. Its application is of utmost important.

Many individuals have applied this law in several aspects of life and received nothing less than great success. E.g. napoleon hill, Andrew Carnegie, bob proctor, etc. There are a few tips these individuals share in common in their quest for financial success.

Here are three basic tips you need to make more money:

1. Believing in yourself and your ability to succeed. This is a great and necessary tool to help you succeed in virtually every online or offline activity or business. Using the principle of auto suggestion is beneficial. If you don't make yourself believe in you, success will simply not believe in you.

2. Conceiving and acting on the idea of being successful. You have to imagine yourself as being successful and focus your mind on making that imagination come true. By so doing, you help nature attract that amount of money you so much desire. The wealthy think often of being wealthier and the poor think of their state of poverty. It’s amazing what our conceptions can do.

3. Find a means on how to make money and act on it. Sitting at home daydreaming won't make you rich. You just have to work. Find a way of making money that you are enthusiastic about and start working. Don’t bother about 'what they will think, say or do'.

The law of attraction is just about conceiving positive thoughts (through the means of auto suggestion) about what you desire-  in this case more money and working towards it. Remember you have to believe in yourself to achieve anything in life.

The law of attraction is for everyone but only few apply it.


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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago

      The way to make money on hubpages is to write alot of good quality hubs that are interesting and meaningful.

      That's it. Otherwise you have few followers, views, and therefore no $$$$