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Make money online - South Africa

Updated on January 13, 2013

You probably found this article because you have decided to find an alternative or passive income by working online from home on your pc and may even have a day job in Durban Cape Town or Joburg.

The point is that I have done most of the research fo ryou over the last 2 years and am not going to ask you to buy anything or even subscribe to an email list. I want to give you some cold hard facts on how to make money online in South Africa as I am now able to do after two years of solid researching and trying various paid survey scams and all the rest of the nonsense out there.

In order to make money online is relatively simple in South Africa because our markets are largely untapped due to the internet only recently being made of a higher calibre with the recent availability of better bandwidth and internet access to us South African users.

I will put this simply for you, because I wish I had stumbled across it when I started writing online a little over 2 years ago.

So how do you make money online in South Africa?

Its really quite simple actually, but it will take some work and there is no such thiing as easy money online and in order to make it you have to put in the hours regularly.

I only write about 2 hours a day, but I have a simple strategy and I stick to it. It does get mundane and thats why I break away sometimes in order to write some of these pay it forward type articles.

There is no way around the fact that you will need to write in order to earn online in South Africa.

The benefit of being South African and earning an income online here is that you are able to understand the taal and be able to write in an understandable way, so that other South Africans can understand.

We read the news on tv and we read the Sunday Tribune,Sunday Times or Mercury everyday and do spend a lot of time online reading and researching. The point is that these writers get paid by the advertisers for their contributions. Thats as simple as I can put it for you in laymans terms.

The more complex terms will include words like affiliate marketing and internet marketing as well as even ghost writing whereby those who do not have time to write employ other to write on specific topics they need for putting up on their website so that advertisers will use their website because it has a large reader base. There is always a picture advert somewhere on the news article sites.

Some online writeres do it to sell a product and will get paid a commisison for every successful sale and this route is called affiliate marketing.

The other option is to choose what topics you want to write on and pick a site where they will store your articles for all to read and pay you on a revenue sharing basis. This is method I have spent most of my time focusing on as I decide when I want to write and on what I feel like writing.

So you will need to understand that in the first few months your initial writing will only generate you a few dollars at a time which you can bank unitl say you reach a hundred dolllars and then draw a cheque and bank it.

The point is to continue writing unitl soon or later you have a wide range of topics and articles throughout the internet all earning you a small some every day. It adds up and finally snowballs into a tidy sum of money.

This is basicaaly the best means of a passive income. My first pay cheque from my online writing was spent on a dictaphone. Why? Because everyday now, I just rattel off for a half hour and then write an article based on my thoughts for that day. Its that easy.

Look into article marketing and revenue sharing sites to start off and you will soon get into it. For those of you who are sales orientated, go for affiliate marketing. Good luck my fellow saffers.


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