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How To make money with PLR Articles

Updated on April 19, 2016
Make money Online
Make money Online

Good PlR articles can make you a lot of money. However there are many people who criticize them - many of them simply dont know how to make good use of them. Its like having a lemon and not being able to make lemonade. First they can help you save time in research and writing. Many of us don’t have the time to write or if you are like me find it simply boring.

Make money with a PRLs & E-Books
Make money with a PRLs & E-Books

This strategy has been used for ages but is still effective. You can submit Plrs to many articles directories .However you have to edit them for those that require original content. These include EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle and a host of other directories with a link in your signature file pointing back to your site.A little more advanced and requires some additional work in terms of design and formatting, but very worth it, especially if the articles are about a topic in a hot niche. I personally do this once in a while. You can put the Plr articles into different formats such as an Audio ebook or a podcast. Many marketers avoid or dont do this tactic, which is sad because the few marketers do , the less the competition.

However you need more time and some technical skills. However if you don’t have a great voice – like I don’t- you can outsource it at sites for a simple 5 bucks and or use text to voice software such as AT& T and or of the things that I do with PLR articles is to make a videos with them. This has been become easy with software such as Video Article Robot that makes the job a snap. easier. Only 3% of internet marketers use video marketing- so this a good strategy for you. You don’t have to have all the technical skills. Some sites share their Adsense profits with the contributors of content. For example,, this website allows you to monetize the documents you upload and sell your ebooks also.

So go to these sites and submit your PLR -they will not make you rich but they they will bring enough money. We make between 20 to 25$ a month – not a lot but goes towards paying for our hosting . We host over 50 websites on one cheap hosting service which is reliable and allows unlimited domain hosting. Best web hosting online.

Make Online Money With PLR Content

Search engines likes fresh new content .If your site is updated regularly you will do ok with Google- and if you do good with google you will rise in the rankings , and if you do , you will get eye balls- and if you do you will make sales. And if you make sales you will have a good income online. Fresh content will keep members coming back .We use a word press pluggin that automatically drip fees our website even when we are asleep. The plugging is Wp import .And the good news it is free.

For this strategy , the profit margin is a little lower .However you can sell these physical products on websites like ebay and amazon. Set and forget and once in a while you see notices of payments. You simply ship the CD or DVD out. One of the ways you can make best use of these PLR article is to bundle them together . A complete package comes with a product, sales page, download page, thank you page and optionally an One Time Offer. And finally, the #1 way to really make big bucks out of PLR products is…That’s how the wealthy gurus make their money.

We are not a guru but we make good money with our PLR articles. We have the content in many different formats used in many different ways – ebooks, physical books, audio CDs, DVDs, blogs, websites, articles etc.In order to save time we outsource many of these task for as little as $5 on sites like or So now you know how we make some good money with PLR while some marketers forget them in their hard drive.


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    • Hyonickal profile image

      Hyonickal 19 months ago from Casablanca

      Wonderful brother .. good luck and thank you

    • daniel27lt profile image

      Daniel Taylor 19 months ago from Australia

      I have that product you mentioned within this article. there are some great lessons within. Thanks for the great post.