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From religion to reality; How to make it work for you.

Updated on January 26, 2015

How to begin.

First, remember that life is not about religion but spirituality. Because religion is about comforming to a set of values created by man or a group of men. Spirituality comes from deep within a persons soul. It is something that, most of the time, has no logic to it or makes no sense, however you believe in it. Let's start with the bible. Those who do not believe in it, this article is not for you. But those who do believe should known that the bible is not about religion, it is a beckoning call to your spirit. The bible is not a book of commands but a directional guide on a better way to live your life.

Now that we have established the purpose for the bible, let's now begin to work on you. Just as you believe in the bible, you must believe in yourself. This is a major part of making this article work for you. Your attitude about your self creates a mold of how life, and those in your life, treat you. You have to start believing in your mind, your heart and you spirit, that you are worth more than what you have been shown by the world. You have to start embedding positive thoughts and images in your mind. Remember; what the mind receives from you, is what others perceive about you. If you put trash in what do you expect to come out, TRASH !! So believe good things, read good thing and say good things about yourself, even if there is no one else that will say them to you. You are either your own worse enemy or your own biggest FAN. Cheer for yourself !! Be that 13th player on the field !! Stand up and know that you are deserving of Great things !! Then watch as they start to happen !!

Be Strong !!



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