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Make Money From Home

Updated on April 30, 2015

How to Make Money From Home On The Internet

There are many ways to make money from home and there is a lot of money out there on the internet to be had, but there are also a lot of people chasing the money. This article is about my research: The methods I have tried and the results I have achieved.

There are several ways to earn money on the internet:

Publishing your travel photosAnswering internet surveysWriting product and travel reviewsWriting in generalSelling your photos/artwork (e.g. on postcards, T shirts, Mousepads..)Trading Shares, Bonds, Gold Coins etc.Bloggingand, of course, Squidoo!

These are all viable ways to supplement your income and can even be fun, but some of them really are a lot of work for not much reward.

I have tried quite a few of these various internet sites and also a few riskier, internet trading strategies and this article is all about the relative success of these methods.

I am based in the U.K. but of course many of these web-site are global or US based.

Disclaimer: Information in this and other linked articles is unregulated and for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon in making specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

Trivago: Publish Your Travel Photos and Hotel Reviews

A web-site that shares 50% of it's revenue with you, the contributor.

Trivago is an excellent travel web-site and internet community. It is however different to other similar web-sites in that they publish the amount of revenue that they have received (from the sale of accommodation via booking partners etc.) during the month, and how much of it you are entitled to. 50% of the money is given back to the web-site contributors and your total number of shares and the resulting estimated payment can be accessed from your account at any time.

Trivago issue shares for each activity you perform for them (at time of writing 1500 shares was worth approximately £1.00 or $1.50):

Add a photo to an attraction (about 75 shares)

Rate other peoples' photos (2 shares)

Rate a hotel or attraction review (2 shares)

Add hotels, attractions and external links to other reviews (about 600, 150 and 250 shares)

General web-site administration

As you gain more experience and more shares, your job title will change as you get promoted up the ranks and you will gain extra operations that you are allowed to perform and earn money for. The number of shares you earn during the month determines how much of the earned income will be received by you.

There is no fixed number of shares for writing a review or adding a photo etc. and the number depends on it's quality, but could it could be up to about 100 shares for a photo and a lot more for a review or attraction, although rating a photo or review gets you fixed number of 2 shares.

In a typical month you would require about 1500 shares to make £1 (i.e. more than 1000 shares for $1) so 20 photos or about 4 brief hotel reviews could gain you £1, but you would need to rate 750 photos or reviews for the same amount.

This is a good way of making money, it's fun and if you have a lot of digital photos easily uploadable to the web-site it could even pay a reasonable hourly rate. It can take a while to reach the minimum payout threshold.

Minimum payout Euro 25 approximately £20 or $30

Make Money from Your Photos

Selling your holiday snaps or even just places of interest near where you live is an easy way to make a little extra money.

Here's an article about how to choose a compact digital camera...

dooyoo: price comparison and internet community

Write Reviews for Money is a U.K. price comparison web-site that pays you to write reviews. These can be product or holiday destination reviews, general discussions. If the review you want to write doesn't exist in the database you can request it to be added, which usually takes a few days.

The amount of payment for a review is very good: £0.50 straight away for a review over 150 words long and then pennies for each reading of the review, which can add up over time, although most of the reads will occur in the first few days after publication. If you get awarded a "Crown" you will receive more money (£1.50) Writing a good review could earn several pounds. When you have accumulated £50 you can request a cheque (or £10 for an Amazon voucher)

The £0.50 payment for an article does promote the writing of short articles of not much more than 150 words, but longer, well written articles are more likely to receive the extra bonus "Crown" payment. Being a part of the community and reading and rating the other reviews also will result in more people reading your reviews and therefore more money. Reading, rating or writing comments on other reviews, does not gain you any money, but if you rate someone's review they will probably rate one of your reviews, gaining you a small fee (1.5 pence)


A friendly internet community and product review site, with reasonable payment for writing. Typical earnings might be £1 to more than £5 per review depending on quality and length of the review and how much you participate in the community. An example of possible earnings below:


500 word review which takes 30 minutes to write and submit, receives 60 member ratings, for each of which you read and rate a review written by the rater, half of which you leave a comment. This could take a minimum time of 2 hours or significantly more if you really read their reviews, for which you will receive between £1.40 and £2.90 depending on type of review and whether you receive a crown. So if you really participate in the community you may receive less than £1.00 per hour.

If you write ten 150 word reviews per hour and ignore the people who rate them, you won't get many ratings and no crowns, but could make more than £5 per hour. You will probably also be thrown off the site or at least be branded a "churner"

Typical earnings: approx. £1 to more than £5 per review

Payment per hour (min/max): less than £0.50 up to £5.00 (maybe)

Minimum payout £50 cheque (or £10 Amazon vouchers)

Make Money on eBay - Trade gold coins

Many people make money from eBay, and there are a lot of web-sites on the subject. This is really just a new version of the age old tradition of market trading; buy things for one price and sell for another. There are many web-sites and books on the subject, and the finer details of getting the best price, so I won't go into too much detail here, but one area I have found eBay to be useful is in trading gold coins. Gold has been a good financial insurance policy in the recent times of market turmoil and gold coins can be bought far more cheaply from eBay than from other gold dealers. The gold price tends to be very volatile so you can also can also make money buying and selling coins.

I have written a separate web-site on the subject

Advertising Revenue: Write a blog, build your own web-site... Or Squidoo

There are two main ways to make money from you own web-site or blog: use it to sell your products or services; or attract traffic to your site, on which you have sold advertising space (e.g. adverts from companies such as googleAds) The second method sounds too good to be true; just knock up a quick web-site or blog, put some cool stuff on it and wait for the visitors to click on the adverts. Usually you will get paid either per click or per thousand page-impressions. i.e. the more traffic the more money you get.

GoogleAds is the biggest player in this advertising market, but there are several other companies doing similar services, but none of them (that I have found so far) are interested in small web-sites. You need a lot of traffic before they will consider you as an advertiser, so you need to do a lot of web-site marketing either through social networking or by paying someone to promote your web-site.

Some famous bloggers make a fortune from their own web-sites. If you create a good web-site with excellent content and market it well so that you have thousands of hits a day you could give up your job and just watch the money roll in.

The alternative, of course is to put the content that you would have put on your own web-site, on to a Squidoo "lens" or "Hubpages" equivalent. This has the advantage that you will probably get far more traffic than you would from your own web-site although you could of course do both and use Squidoo to promote traffic to your other web-sites and blogs.

Ciao: Product reviews and Internet community is a price comparison web-site that pays you to write reviews (there is also a US based equivalent: The reviews are on a wide range of topics including product and holiday destination reviews, general discussions or even politics and personal finance. If there review you want to write doesn't exist in the database you can request it to be added. The amount of payment is a bit vague, but does depend on the quality of writing and the rating received by other members of the community.

Payouts for this site are initially fairly low, in general unless you write a very high quality review, which gets rated by many other people. If however you are awarded a "diamond" you will receive an extra £15 prize there are also monthly bonuses and awards added depending on quality and number of visits to your reviews. Ciao is as much about the internet community than making money. Unlike dooyoo, detailed above, you will not make reasonable money by writing lots of quick 150-word reviews.


A good friendly internet community, with relatively low initial payout, that builds up if you persevere. There are some very good writers here, who are presumably not doing it just for the money, but consistently good quality writing could potentially make you as much money as writing for dooyoo

Payment per hour (min/max): less than £0.50 up to £5.00 (including time spent rating other people's work)

Minimum payout £5

I have actually made slightly more with Ciao, per review (mostly long, 1000 word travel reviews) than with dooyoo, but many people in the dooyoo think that ciao pays significantly less.

One Poll: Short Surveys

Not much money, but very quick is a survey site that usually pays just 10p or 15p for a survey, but they are really short, usually taking less than 5 minutes, which means quite a good rate of pay (about minimum wage at least, if your quick at clicking) and if you wait a few days, then log in there could be several short surveys to take.


OnePoll pays a good hourly rate, but for only a few very short surveys a week.

Payment per hour (estimated maximum): £5.00


Minimum payout: £40.00 (which could take months to achieve)


Ciao-Surveys, which used to be part of the price comparison site, regularly emails with new surveys to complete, which pay anything from 10p to several pounds. Sometimes the 10p ones are a lot of work for not much money (e.g. 20 minutes) but some are quite well paid, so it is best to be selective about which ones you do. The more highly paid surveys can take a long time before you actually get paid, because they may collect data for several months, before actually paying out.

The first part of some surveys is just a test to see if you are eligible, and you may be rejected for a reasonable proportion, but if you fail you will be entered into a prize draw.


There are some reasonably well-paid surveys available from, but for best rate of pay be selective about which ones you choose.

Payment per hour (min/max): £0.30 / £5.00

($0.60 to $10.00)

Valued Opinions - More Well Paid Surveys

Valued is another good survey site with some excellent payouts of typically £1.00 or more for a 15 minute survey. The review invitations are fairly frequent and often the review can be done more quickly than the quoted time.

Payment per hour (typical): £4.00


More Survey Web-Sites Here..."

Global Opinions Panel

Global Opinions Panel haven't sent me many surveys and so far I have only accumulated a very small amout of money, but the rate, per hour looks like it will be good compared to some of the other survey sites. I shall update once I have more significant data.

More Survey Web-Sites Here...

Global Test Market

Global Test Market Is another good survey site that has invited me to do quite a few well paid surveys. The surveys are paid in "points" where one point is $0.05 and a survey may pay 35 to 100 points on completion or 5 point if you don't qualify. This is probably the best survey site I have tried.

Payment per hour (min/max): $8.00 / $10.00

Minimum payout: 1000 points = $50.00

More Survey Web-Sites Here...

Rewarded Opinions

Formerly known as Home of Research

Rewarded Opinions AKA Home of Research is yet another good survey site, similar to many of the others and my points are adding up fairly quickly. There have been fewer surveys than from some of the other sites, but each is reasonably well paid (typically £1.00 or £1.50 for about 15 work) I have now received a couple of payments from them, which were handled quickly and easily, so I can certainly recommend joining this web-site in addition to some some of the others.

NewVistaLive (Formerly known as

Possibly the best payment per hour from any survey site

Saving the best till last. I discovered New Vista Live (previously called ItsYourView) more recently than some of the other sites and it seems to be the best survey site so far. The survey invitations don't come along very often, but when they do the payments are very good: typically about £1 for each 5 minutes of your time:

Payment per Hour: £12.00 (about $20)

Marketing and external traffic

Survey sites simply pay you a fixed amount for filling in a survey, but most other ways of making money on-line involve getting traffic: i.e. if you write an article or review or make a lens on Squidoo you need people to read it otherwise you won't make much money.

Consumer review sites such as Ciao or Dooyoo and all about social networking and you are paid when other members read or rate your reviews, so the way to get more money is to make friends and spend a lot of time reading and rating other people's work.

If you have adverts on your own web-site, if you make lenses on Squidoo or write articles on Helium etc. you need to get lots of people to read your work. This can be through social networking, getting to know other users of the site, but you also need to be searchable by search-engines and promoted to external traffic. Here are a few website to join to help promote this external traffic.

Selling Photos Online

Zazzle and other ways of making money from photos

There are many ways of selling photos on-line, such as professional photo libraries or even eBay. Alternatively there are web-sites that pay you to upload photos and you get paid for internet traffic to your photos, such as Trivago, described earlier and even Squidoo (e.g. create a travel "lens", upload photographs of your travel, including some text, travel reviews etc. and you will received some income from your photos)

Another method, and perhaps the easiest way to create an income directly from your photos is by selling products featuring your photos, such as postcards, greeting cards, fridge magnets, T-shirts etc. and Zazzle: website allows you to upload your photos and automatically general virtual products in your gallery, which then can be made available for sale (the products only get made physically when someone orders them) and you can choose how much commission you would like to receive (e.g. 10%, 15%, 20%...)

Here is my Zazzle Gallery which makes me a nice steady extra bit of income.

Here are few examples:


Summary: The best ways to get paid

Giving up a well-paid job to try to make more money from interacting with web-sites, may be a risky thing to do, and the amount of payment from a web-site doesn't need to be too high, because you are in competition with people of all ages around the world, many of whom would actually do the "work" for nothing, or are doing it at the same time as doing something else. e.g. these sites are popular with stay-at-home mums and people at work, during their lunch-breaks etc. so even achieving minimum-wage is quite hard, unless you really are working for the site or taking a risk, such as share or commodity trading.

From the methods described in this article, the best guaranteed payment, per hour of time actually logged into the various sites, comes from some of the survey sites. Generally this is rarely much more than minimum wage (e.g about £5 per hour in the U.K) although avoiding low-paying surveys improves returns and with practice they can be completed more quickly than the specified amount of time.

Writing and publishing on an internet community and review sites can result in reasonable payments per hour of writing, if you discount the time spent reviewing other peoples' work and interacting with the community, which is more time consuming than the writing; if you enjoy the community aspect these can be a good way to earn some extra money and have some fun, but including the time spent reading and reviewing other peoples' work they pay a very low hourly rate.

If you want to make big money on the internet then you either need some money to invest and you need to take some risk (see the articles in the next section) My compromise, is I trade shares, bonds and commodities (gold coins) over the internet and spend most of my time monitoring the markets, but simultaneously, during the breaks and when the markets have no obvious direction, I make a bit of extra cash from these other methods.

Other Ways to Make Money From Home and Investment Ideas

Rather than being paid for doing things for web-site you can also use the internet for investment purposes, share trading, commodities, spread-betting. This is does involve taking some risk, but can provide a significant income.

Here are some related articles:

Absolute Returns: Zero Dividend Preference Shares

Investments to Beat The Credit Cruch

National Savings and Investment Premium Bonds"

Balance Your Portfolio - Buy Gold and Silver!"

Get Rich Slowly

Technical Analysis (Charting)

And some books on the subject:

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      LouisSteinhauer 3 years ago

      Inspirational!! The idea of making money online and that too so easily makes me really excited trust me. I think you're right about Zazzle and I think it's a great opportunity for people like my sister who love photography and if she can earn from it I think it'll be an added pleasure for her. As far as I'm concerned I wanted to do something my style and I visited this site snagthecash and it was so creative and easy so I thought I could easily do it. But after I read your lens I guess doing some surveys would also go great for me.

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      itskevin12 3 years ago

      Great Article. I like the section of making money with photos. As I am in computer programming field I like how to build the website

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      Great article..Some things I already try like:Build a blog,write article.. but now I found there many way if you want to earn from internet.Of course for every method you mention you must work hard..You will not get rich over night...So work work and work.

      Thanks again for this method of making money.

      Best Wishes

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    • Andy-Po profile image

      Andy 4 years ago from London, England

      @RothIRACustodians: Did you read the article? It clearly states that the amount of money made from each of these web-sites is actually rarely much more than minimum wage and it is a guide to which web-sites, that I have used, will give you the best return and which ones to avoid. It does not claim to give a method for getting rich online, just a source of extra income.

    • JohnI07 profile image

      JohnI07 4 years ago

      Some nice ideas, but I am not sure if it can replace a full-time income.

    • RothIRACustodians profile image

      RothIRACustodians 4 years ago

      I hate articles like this. They make it seem like it is so easy to get rich online. For example, if you want to sell your photos online, you'd have to do extensive online and/or offline marketing - which means having a firm grasp of SEO, social media, etc. I've been living solely off online revenue for the past 4 years - but it isn't as easy as these types of articles make it out to seem!

    • Andy-Po profile image

      Andy 4 years ago from London, England

      @inspirationz: Yes. Sorry. Thanks for pointing that out. ItsYourView are now called I shall update the details above.

    • profile image

      inspirationz 4 years ago

      very interesting indeed! it's a shame so many of the sites pay so little per hour though! I tried checking out but nothing came up - i'm not sure if they still exist?

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      SquidAngel blessings. It is fair to say that one of the most frustrating factors is how ethically-challenged many of the "make money from home" sites are.

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