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Make money online easily and for free

Updated on September 7, 2011

Make Easy Money Online

Hey,are you looking into making money online?Do you want it to be easy?Well,i got just what you need!

I've found an online site that will easily get you money.The easiest ways to making money online is all about advertisements.

Advertisers will pay a site to show off their advertisements.I've found 3 sites that actually pay easily and im willing to share them with you!

How are people making money online?

Well,ALOT,and i mean ALOT of people are making money by viewing advertisements.Simply because its easier to make money for both!

Advertisers today have a hard time to get and audience to watch their advertisements.Have you ever realised,once theyre's a commercial break,you would constantly get up and go do something else until the commercials are over?Well,with the sites i will show you,advertisers can now pay you a part of the profit they get to give to you so that both ,you and the advertiser, are happy.


The first way!

Uploading Images and sharing them.

This technique was something new to me.Make money by uploading images and sharing them.Well,the way this works is that,this site will host your images which means theyre gonna upload it into their site and each image in the site,will have advertisements around them.When you share your images,the audience will see the advertisements and you will get paid for each unique view.Easy right?

Well,the problem alot of people have with this is that,they dont know how to get alot of views,so i've decided to tell you guys how you can post your pictures and earn lots of $$.

1.You can send the link to your friends and family.

2.Post the links on Social sites such as facebook,twitter and tumblr where alot of people can see the pictures.

3.Join forums and post them there!ex:if you're good at doing photoshop drawings or edits,join an art forum or a photoshop forum.

4.The more images you upload and spread around the internet,the more chances you get to earn money!

The second way!


Cashgopher is an online program thats really easy and really does make you earn for yourself.All you have to do is download a program and that program will open pop ups and advertisements which is the way you will get money.The advertiser pays Cashgopher, to pay you.

The ads will pay up and the pay will add up easily.

The third way!


So,how Varolo works is that,you watch advertisements and get paid.Simple as that.

Well to make it even easier you can grow your own village which is like a refferal system.

The more referrals you get,the more your village grows,the more you earn and earn and earn...!

There is also a jackpot system where,each ad you watch you automatically get a jackpot entry.So,the more you watch ads the bigger chances you get to win the 500$ jackpot!You also get points which are tradeable for prizes and achievement cards which brings me to..The achievement cards.With achievement cards you can buy jackpot entries,a way to double your earnings and buy referrals.

The general rule of thumb is to watch 10 minutes of ads per day.

Click here to join varolo!

Didn't like any of there?...

Here's another site that can give easy money.


Linkbucks is similar to Imagehyper,but instead of images,you share links.

Example here

The pay rate depends on where you live.

Alot of people have made thousands of dollars easily with strategies such as creating facebook groups and using other social networks.

If you would like to join click

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      kerem 3 years ago

      hi everyone. yes this is what i am talking about. you are right. i have done a blog too about making money. if anyone wants to learn more please visit here: