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Make Money with My Hub Pages

Updated on July 29, 2015

Find out more about getting passive income to work better

Social networking sites make for great back links
Social networking sites make for great back links
Sit back and let the passive income roll in.
Sit back and let the passive income roll in.
Many use blogs as back links as well.
Many use blogs as back links as well.

Selling online with Amazon and EBay is a large part of income here at the site

Freelance writing is a wonderful profession and even better when the revenue is streaming in. Client income is great, but the majority of the dollars for anyone’s wallet is passive. Passive income is wonderful when it flows freely, consistently and in bulk. For the most part it comes from shared revenue with writing sites like Hubpages. It is earned using the content published and posted to the site. Is this an automatic promise every writer on the site makes great money? Never, in fact the probability is just the opposite without a little know how.

Simply putting a piece of written material on the site is no guarantee of a remarkable flow of money coming a writer’s way. In fact, there is a strategy to seeing this plan of action pan out. Follow several of these tips and suggestions to make money with Hubpages as a writer.

Creating a Memorable Hub

One of a kind

Begin with impressive content which is informative, educational and at appropriate times entertaining. Of course, innovation and uniqueness makes for a notable piece worth publication

Editor assistance

Hubpages is one of the few platforms taking the time to invest in bright editors with a responsibility to uphold a high level of expectations in material here at the Hub. They give feedback on composing, outlining and any other issues writers need. Work is reviewed before any publication takes place.

Revise older ones

There is the opportunity to edit or revise any work previously put out on the site. This is splendid for updating some older material which still has the potential for earning with the right tweaks. Even revisions pass editing critiques before being put back up on the site.

Creating a Hub is a part of the total battle of getting revenue. A marvelous one is needed every time a page is landed on by any reader on the web.

Building a Hub page

Amazon and EBay capsules

There are more than a few avenues to make money at Hubpages. One of them is sales through the Amazon and EBay programs. Adding EBay and Amazon capsules to a page where appropriate is part of the plan to achieve success. In the right spot they are golden.

Both of these are fantastic and easy to work with. Cowriters and tons of fellow writers share confidences on skills they have acquired to get sales done.

Shared revenue /page views

The shared earnings with page views or impressions are dependent upon a remarkable piece of work in print. The better the work the more visits from readers. Having a PayPal account for payment from Google is a necessity.

Have more than just words

The most accomplished pages have more than text for the reader. In reality, readers are looking for the uniqueness and innovation which comes with giving the little extras. Some of these are videos, pics and other interactive content in addition to text on the page.

Avoid too much

How much is enough? When and where to give it up and say enough or too much? All of these questions vary depending on influences such as the type of subject matter and other factors. Even how much data is available through research, i.e. maps or charts effects layout. Having more info through research the more a writer is able to display.

Help around the site

The site has awesome editors giving feedback to writers on improving material. There are mini manuals on such things as creating brilliant titles, fellow members share wining elements with other Hubs along with a forum and Q and A area. Best of all there are maps called templates developed for specific content.


The templates are ideal for building the right type or kind of page to match the material. For instance, if a writer is publishing a story about a movie review, there is an outline for it. It gives a winning pattern for laying out pics, video, text and other things to make work shine.

If there are already articles with the same byline receiving great traffic currently, use it again. There are even blank ones to build from scratch. They are wonderful to give a page direction.

Getting Search Engine Traffic

Selecting notable content is what gets it noticed by Google and other search engines driving traffic from the internet to a Hub. Pushing traffic from search engines is a large portion of the whole piece of making money at the site. The more received the better.

Traffic is a must for all of the earning opportunities. Whether it is Amazon, EBay or page impressions with Google, they all need it.

Go for perfection

The perfect article published on a model page is always the goal. Perfection is impossible. Yet, coming as close as possible to that goal are the Hubbers making the most money.

Select titles search engine friendly. Use tools to identify ideal keywords and phrases. Stay current with knowledge and info whatever the subject matter. Excellent editing, research, interesting layouts and sometimes out of the way material goes a long way in getting more traffic flow.

The best stream doesn’t necessarily come from the most popular niches but from those with individuals searching for an item and finding a very closely matching Hub. Satisfied customers return again and again. This is true for a grocery store or the articles a writer is supplying.

Gaining an Audience

After a terrific hub page title has helped Google get the traffic to your hub, make certain you have the best hub pages information to keep that search engine traffic.

Write a hub full of quality content. Make the hub informative and useful to the reader. Make the hub easy to read and enjoyable for the reader. The most wonderful thing about hub pages is the ability to personalize your hub.

Don’t go easy on back links, video, and pictures, audio, visual and any additional necessary add-ons to content to build a masterpiece of work in any hubs.

Use keywords and phrases the smart way. Some writers will use longer tailed phrases to gain more readers to a narrower search. Others will take a larger audience for a keyword, but use it uniquely. For example, instead of a general article about whales, detail material surrounding reproduction cycles of Blue Whales in Alaska.

Other must haves

Using analytics for verification of the right formula and strategies is an intelligent move for any great Hubber. The numbers never lie. They let individuals know what is working and what needs fixing.

Affiliates is an avenue which definitely not to miss out on. Use it to the advantage Hubpages designed it for. Bring in more brilliant talent to link up with the community. After surrounding a writer with more notable talent, building back links and other connections to one another results in everyone seeing an increase in income.

Link personal material to other terrific hubs maintaining a higher level skill level. There are even times when the only other ones on file related to connect with are personal ones. When this happens, readers are getting two for the price of one. Additionally, keeping all private publications at a splendid level means other site members link to them.

In conclusion

Getting to the top of the class is always the goal. Once meeting it create a new one to stay there. It is all hard work, but with a payoff. That pay off comes in the form of dollars and cents.

Fantastic work is rewarded with commendations and characteristically sharing. Sharing on other sites, social networking shout outs and even being mentioned or linked to a blog or two is nice. It results in more page views for anything with the same byline and credibility along with a reputation for expertise. All of these are nice, but even more delightful is getting an attractive income as a professional writer.

Even mean tweets get attention. They are good natured fun and move celebs and athletes closer to their fans

Amazon presents even more for info for making money

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I don't know why is you add all the suggested tags, and then, it accumulated much; an advisory will be sent through my email that I overdo it. When is the time to stop tagging? (Sighs). I better have to ask the HP staff.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web

      the extra tagging is shown when you go back and check on your articles. there is a button when building hub that indicates suggested tags. after you post, there are tags that are suggested afterwards that you can add. check some of your hubs

    • thehemu profile image

      thehemu 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      i like the idea about tagging but extra tagging can declare you as spam too.

    • profile image

      Muhammad Akram 7 years ago

      Good article