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Making Money in College - Three Tried and True Methods

Updated on March 19, 2016

We could all use a little extra cash sometimes.

And when the unusual money-making methods fail, it's time to break out the big guns. These are three tried-and-true ways to make money while sitting in your dorm. You won't "get rich quick", but these tips will help you pay for that one shirt at the mall you just HAVE to have.

1. Selling a Craft

I make paper beads as a hobby. I also make hair bows and pencil bags. Bring a couple of these to class and subtly show them off! Wear a piece of jewelry you made, use a bag you put together, or sport a bright new hair bow. They're sure to catch someone's attention. And when they do, you've got the whole class listening in while you offer to make some....for a price, of course.

2. Selling Study Guides and Review Sheets

Finals are coming up, and everyone's in a panic. Why not make a little money from all the chaos? You have your notes, and you're going to be reviewing anyway. Just type up a few key points to keep in mind, and you've got your materials. Then send a quick e-mail off to your classmates saying how you figured these sheets would be needed. Charge a small fee, and suddenly the work you had to do anyway is earning you cash!

3. Selling recyclables.

College kids drink soda. And beer. But, for the younger ones, like me, we drink soda. Collect all those empty soda cans, crush them up, and save them. Then, once you have a decent amount (a couple of pounds worth, at least), bring them to your local recycling center and trade them in for cold, hard cash. Easy peasy. ;)

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