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Adwords Advertising: Behind the Google Curve

Updated on September 21, 2010

Advertising is clearly referred as the life blood of the online economy. Adwords, Google’s highly accomplished advertising product, virtually is the best method of PPC (pay per click). It is a way through which a lot of people leverage the power of internet traffic, however not everyone is adroit and often many end up losing money. An excellent way of increasing targeted website traffic, it creates value while justifying costs driving the clicks into sales revenue.

Website Traffic: How does Adwords Work?

Garnering a good understanding around the various concepts of search engine marketing is a good way to begin. While you decide to advertise with Adwords, you settle on certain “keywords” or “phrases” which are related to your trade ,business or specialty. You consequently then create few simple and effective Ads to be displayed using these keywords. While people browsing online, search for certain keywords or related information, your site link may pop into view next to their search results as a “Sponsored Link”. You are then just a click away! Prior or during setting up your adwords campaign, it is worth considering the following tips to ensure you drive the most out it.

Tips to Manage Your Ad-words Campaign

On today’s highly competitive Google Adwords PPC search engine, it is ever more important to optimize the campaigns to its utmost potential

· Aim to build a sales funnel by always starting it small. You can grow through your profits steadily by managing the online business in another smart manner. Consider, there are lots of misspelled keywords entered everyday by thousands of users (e.g.: airfares instead of air fares). These types of keywords also generate a lot of traffic only at a fraction of the cost.

· Use Dynamic Ads: they help increase the CTR bringing down the costs considerably.

It is also important to define the geographical locations you are targeting to generate sales. If your business only delivers within Spain or a region/city within, advertising google adwords outside would mean a waste of a large percentage of your clicks.

· Review your competitors periodically and try to find a niche in your market. If your ad campaign can stand out it is more likely to be clicked. Also, if your prices are lower, then use price labels in visual ads by which people, this way also you may be able entice more users.

· To be cost effective without losing too much money, it is strongly advised to define a separate value for content network bids and search network bids. This helps managing your budget on a daily basis.

· Make certain your destination URL is relevant to the keyword bid upon. It is important that the user is directed to the webpage they expect to see, rather than being taken to a homepage where they have to search the right page for themselves.

· To be able to track conversions effectively, it is vital to review where sales or leads are coming from so that you can manage campaigns in terms of decisions such as changing bids, or dropping keywords or other ad variations. To improve CTR or conversions, bid higher on terms that have been converting well. Also LowerYourBidPrices Winner’s Alert could be set up, which statistically lets you know which ad wins, without you to manually check each ad group all day long.

· Get to know all the features of Adwords on the Adwords Online Training Site. Participating in it can take you through other Q&As and is a good way to access their free live training webinars.

Good Luck !


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