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Veretekk Unleashed

Updated on February 21, 2009
Veretekk New Look (mock up)
Veretekk New Look (mock up)

Harnessing the Power of Veretekk

It strikes me as odd that Veretekk has remained somewhat of a secret on the internet. When I was first introduced to it in 2005, I was pretty new to internet marketing. I was awe struck. Quite frankly, I really didn't know what to look at first, or where to start.

I was working on growing my MLM business, and was having some success, but that was mostly local success. I really wanted to take my business online and was spending oodles of hours looking, reading, studying. The company I was with referred to what they were doing as internet marketing, but it really wasn't what I had envisioned.

I was paying over $50 per month for my "marketing system" which included replicated landing pages that I wasn't allowed to promote - because of the internet restictions, all we were really permitted to do was buy leads, load them into our "marketing system" and the system's autoresponder would send out the landing page. So, for about $300 - $500 per month I could keep my automated marketing system running... and lose money every month.

They kept telling me that it would get better. It's just a numbers game, sooner or later you'll get a live one. Buy more leads, by better leads, buy more expensive leads, keep filling your funnel. It was no fun, boring, expensive and discouraging. I was forced to use "canned" letters and splash pages. It occurred to me that the creators of that "system" were making more from selling their system than they were marketing the actual business.  I wished I had the technical skills and the internet know how to build my own system...

Enter... Veretekk...

A little overwhelming to the newbie, I knew this was the place to be. It was visiting a foreign country at first, attending the live meetings and trainings. They had a lingo all their own. They spoke about "bully pulpits", and "veremail systems" among other terms that meant nothing to me. The language of the internet was new to me too. Who knew that a web page had to be written in "code"?

I really thought I was in over my head, but the trainers kept assuring me, and other newbies in the state of the art conference rooms where the live trainings are held, that it would start to sink in. I'd learn how to use the system, and how to market on the internet. As technical and scary as some of it seemed, I saw it as a big puzzle that I was determined to solve. I spent countless hours on the computer, in those training rooms devouring all the information I could.

From internet virgin to a verefied Veretekk trainer, those trainers were right. It did sink in. The puzzle was being put together and I was on the web. I was making my own web pages, getting them ranked in google listings, generating leads and building a list. I started making a little money with affiliate products. Was it easy? No, but it was a blast!

It was starting to come together in terms of building a downline. We had recruited a few distributors. They were struggling though, and I wasn't able to hook them into the magic of veretekk. They found it too complicated. I remember my husband telling me it was going to be pretty tough to find anyone that was going to work as hard as I did. Who would put in 16 hour days for months? Well the distributors I recruited wouldn't. LOL They eventually gave up.

I was discouraged, no doubt about it. How could I possibly find anyone who would put in the time and effort that I did?

After falling down some rabbit holes, getting distracted by various "opportunities" and led down the garden path by so-called "mentors", I am pleased to say that I did find people who worked as hard as me, and some who work harder. The result of teaming up with the "right" group is truly amazing. Being part of a mastermind group is truly essential to success, but it has to be a good fit for you.

Now, together, we work smarter. Veretekk has made vast improvements making it more user friendly, and it is going to undergo a massive facelift beginning April 1, 2009. Veretekk is coming out of the shadows to take its rightful place up front and center - and I can't wait for the internet world to see what they've been missing!

Get a brief introduction to Veretekk in one of our group's training manuals:
What the Heck is Veretekk


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