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Marketing Through Social Media

Updated on October 22, 2016

Services and Products

There are so many opportunites and options that you can explore when using social media as a way to market your business. In this blog I am going to discuss two types of businesses that can be marketed heavily through social media. In discussing services I will use my bookkeeping service as the example... (cheap plug). As for the product we will sell perfume online. In order to offer your service or sell your product you must do a little footwork in marketing your brand to potential clientele. It does not take a marketing executive to accomplish these simple steps. What it will take is dedication and time.

Sites to sell products

Once you have established what type of service and or product you will offer to your customer, you will also need to reach your audience. It's hard to stand out from the rest if your service and or product is something commonly offered. With a bookkeeping service your business is going to derive more so from referrals than cold calling or solicitations. With a product word of mouth and heavy solicitation will boost your sells. For each you must choose sites that coincide with what you are offering. For example, when selling my perfume I would choose a site like Amazon or Ebay. There are many sites similar to the ones I just listed and I will provide links to them at the end of the blog.

Posting on Amazon sounds pretty simple does it not? Well just imagine if you were to post this same product on at least 20 other similar sites. You have now exposed your product to millions of people by taking about an hour to write a descriptive narrative of the product. And by sharing this on multiple sites. Some of these sites have an expiration date on your posts. So it is important to monitor and keep current posts. It is also important to make updates concerning your product so that your information is always accurate.Customers expect to get what you promise them and your reputation is on the line. Now neither of these sites will probably get you much exposure if you are offering a service. In the next section we will cover sites that help with services being offered.

Social Media Sites

Facebook is probably the most used social media site today. However some may not know just what Facebook can do to market your service. Facebook offers an option to create pages outside of your personal profile. Here you can create a simple page outlining your service. This is also a great tool for selling products. This feature allows you to upload photos and post reviews from past customers. It also let's you give detailed contact information and you can post as much information as you want. And guess what? All of this is offered for free! When using Facebook you may not want to limit yourself to just creating a page. For whatever you are offering I also suggest joining different groups that targets your audience. From there you can now share the link from your product/service page to all of the groups. So if you belong to 50 groups out of those pick the ones relevant to what you are offering and promote your business. The more you post the more exposure you will have. I suggest at least two to three well written posts daily.

LinkedIn is a site used by professionals to network with others and promote your brand. This is an excellent site if you are offering services like bookkeeping, resume writing, and tutoring. LinkedIn allows you to setup a personal profile and pretty much list your accomplishments, skills, and work history. One of the great tools on LinkedIn is that your peers can endorse you for certain skills that fit your business. When looking for your service potential clients will see that others have endorsed your skills as well. LinkedIn now has a new feature where you can also upload blogs from other sites. These blogs can be blogs you have written or blogs that are relevant to your service. I will cover blogging in my next section.

Blogging/Message Boards

Blogging is a wonderful tool to use for both services and products. Blogging gives you the chance to build an audience and offer some inisght on what you do. You can blog about different financial services to boost your services to your audience. Blogging also gives you the opportunity to make money. Some sites pay for the traffic that you bring. So you are now making extra money as well as promoting your brand. Blogging is something that can be very rewarding but it does take time and dedication. I suggest making at least 2-3 blogs a week showcasing your product and or service. You can then post links to other sites like Facebook to promote your blog.

Message Boards are simply boards created to discuss certain topics. By choosing boards that are relevant to your service/brand you can then network with others who are seeking your product. You can engage and help answer questions that you have an expertise in. You can also post links to your websites, Facebook pages, and your blogs. I've only covered a few sites that can offer some exposure for your brand. When reaching out to a targeted audience you can determine which sites work best for you. I think it is extremely important to incoporate as many of these sites as you can. Again there is a lot of footwork to using social media as a marketing tool, but it will prove beneficial to your goals.

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