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Marketing with Alex Jeffreys

Updated on September 18, 2012

Marketing with Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program

I was one of the lucky few who signed up just in time to the Alex Jeffreys coaching program. Why do I consider myself lucky you might ask as their are plenty of marketing programs out there?

Well, the video that Alex put together about where he started from and where he is today and also where he intends to be tomorrow convinced me to climb aboard.

Also >Alex Jeffreys is just an ordinary guy who still has that sense of amazement in his voice that he has succeeded with his online, web or internet marketing.

Alex clearly is passionate about his business and helping others. It seems that he has made that most important connection. Help others to succeed and as a wonderful side effect you will succeed too.

This appears to be a unique element if his philosophy as he encourages all his students to be there for each other. The great aspect if knowing you can help others is that it becomes less dog-eat-dog type attitude.

For a change here is a way that many can succeed rather than just a few in the know. This approach of course is very consistent with another internet marketing strategy called "joint ventures". More of that later on though.

At the moment the coaching programme is going well and I have learnt so much in a short space of time.

List Building and How Vital it Is to Web Business Marketing

Internet Business Success Poll Module

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Sneak In the Back Door For Help from Alex

There was a big rush... or should I say stampede to sign up to Alex Jeffreys coaching program. The guy had proof he had been able to duplicate what the big guys and gals in internet marketing had done and so it convinced many people to join. So far it has more than lived up to its billing.

Naturally there was disappointment amongst those who missed the boat. Some people just didn't make up their mind in time whilst others probably have good reasons for not being able to make it.

All is not lost though.

Although Alex's coaching program is closed. You can kinda have a sneak preview of his work and help.

Getting onto the mailing list will let you be one of the first to get onboard the next time the doors open to new members.

Click > > > Alex Jeffreys coaching program

All are welcome in the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program

I am not a complete newbie to internet marketing. Far from it as I use the internet to great success to market my other businesses.

However, I know I don't know all there is to know about web marketing. I know enough to get me into trouble probably. I am keen to learn more.

I know whatever I learn from Alex will not only be good for the program he has running but a great side effect will be a boost to my other business marketing too.

I view it as a win-win situation.

Alex Jeffrey's Coaching Program - a Student's Progress

Find out how I am progressing as one of Alex Jeffrey's students.

Have a look at my blog at Alex Jeffreys Student

Please let me know you have stopped by my lens

Internet Marketing Reader Feedback

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      A great read but need lot of time to read for sure.. lol.. It is going to be one of favies...

      Have a look at my lens here :)

    • TheresaMayhew profile image

      TheresaMayhew 8 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      You've created a very informative and creative video for explaining why one would benefit from building a list.

      Your lens does a great job explaining why you were convinced that signing up for Alex's coaching course was a wise decision. I can see why you're successful with your endeavors. You have a natural and "magnetic" presence. I'm very pleased to have found your site and look forward to becoming friends and learning more from you.

      I give you five stars and a favorite.



    • Robert Allison profile image

      Robert Allison 9 years ago

      Great Blog,

      Like your Survey and Flickr Photos.

      Give me ideas fotr my blog


      Bob Allison

    • profile image

      KateJ 9 years ago


      An interesting lens and if successful could be very encouraging for the people I help out of debt