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Martha Giffen

Updated on September 14, 2017

Meet Martha Giffen!

Really Martha does not need an introduction for most of you.  She is becoming quite the buzz in internet marketing circles these days.  I first met Martha on a forum, then in person at a seminar in May of 2009.  It is my honor to present her Squid Who lens! 

Martha grew up in Jackson, TN and still retains that southern “Small-town” charm.  She and her husband have lived in the Shelby County/ Birmingham Alabama area for more than 20 years, where they raised their three boys.  Aside from caring for her family, Martha has been involved in volunteer legal services, sold real estate, and completed her law degree before discovering her true calling as an internet marketer in 2008. 

Martha authors two blogs:  Think and Motivate and .   She is also a very active social networker, especially on Twitter (@marthagiffen),

Networking at Unseminar 6: May 2009
Networking at Unseminar 6: May 2009

What makes Martha so Special

And why I love having her as a friend

Martha is so smart, yet does not come across as pretentious and self-absorbed, like many people who are intelligent do. She is very down to earth and funny. Martha loves to laugh and does it often. She is also a hoot to listen to! Now I am a southern girl born and bred, but even I concede that Martha's sweet southern accent takes the cake. Martha is the real deal. A Genuine southern belle through and through. There is nothing she won't do for a friend, but her best gift to me is her wonderful and inspiring attitude. It is most definitely contagious! When I am around Martha, anything seems possible!

Big News! Martha has her own Book out now! - And it is rockin' awesome!

Martha never backs down from a challenge. Somewhere on her learning journey, she decided it would be a good idea to share what she learns with her readers. From idea to action to getting it published, she never wavered and got a great book out there we all love!

The launch was a great success too! Several of her friends (including yours truly!) got together to offer bonuses. She made it to the #1 spot in her category on Amazon in the first 24 hours after the launch!

Way to go, Martha!

Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!
Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!

Martha is a really matter of fact, down to earth writer. She makes even difficult stuff seem simple, and, when you read the book, you realize it really is. She is able to break down every single thing we need to do as social networkers into to-do's that are no more threatening than a grocery list. We can get social with "Be Social Be Rich" and reap the benefits that social networking has to offer... a "rich" and successful online presence.


Martha Giffen and Dr. Joe Vitale

Martha Giffen and Dr. Joe Vitale
Martha Giffen and Dr. Joe Vitale

Martha Says....

There is abundance for all

and you are worthy!

Embrace that thought.



A fun Social Networking project Martha is involved in

Once a month, usually on a Sunday evening, Martha and some of her friends get together and host a "Soiree" via the internet. The event involves a conversation happening simultaneously on Twitter and on a webcast. They choose a topic and the fun begins! See buzz below from the most recent "soiree".

Join in the fun! All are welcome to participate!

Martha on Coaching Program - A testimonial for Pat O'Bryan

Pat O'Bryan with Martha - Self Talk for Winners

Martha with Pat O'Bryan
Martha with Pat O'Bryan

Martha produced a product through Pat's coaching program entitled Self Talk for Winners.

Martha Giffen Testimonial - for the Sleep Secret Audio

Shout Out For Martha Giffen!

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