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Massage Quiz - Are You a Potential Good Massage Therapist?

Updated on September 10, 2014

Is Massage Therapy for You?

Being Massage Therapist is not simple and is not for everyone. It takes specific abilities and qualities that you can't learn. If you are considering pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist you need to know if you are fit for it.There are different facets of massage therapy you will not know about before you commit to a massage course. Oftentimes the difficulties you come across will prevent your ability to succeed as a therapist. Sometimes the massage institution will not show you the negative aspects upfront, since it is not really in their interest. Ensure you evaluate all of the job requirements for a massage therapist and ask as many questions as you can at the prospected school prior to signing up. Read a few of the difficulties experienced by massage therapists in the following paragraphs. Inform yourself concerning every aspect of this profession, as it might not be for everybody.

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More Information About Massage as a Career

A Career in Massage Is Not All Glamour

Finding a massage school near you it's the simplest task, since there are so many now. Investing the time and spending the money make only sense if you are going to exercise your new career. If you are going to drop it after a few months all your investment is in vain. Read this article to learn more about the not so bright side of massage therapy, things that nobody tells you before enrolling. This quiz helps you find out if Massage Therapy is the right career for you. However, don't take it too serious, it is just a fun way to find out more about potential issues you might not think about.

How to Interpret the Quiz Results

This Quiz is split in three small topic quizzes:
The Massage Therapist Quiz - Are you a Natural?
Massage Therapist Quiz - People Skils
Massage Therapist Career Profile Quiz

Don't take this massage career quizzes too serious, they are just a fun way to find out more about potential issues before enrolling. I know completely untalented people becoming successful, by shear dedication and hard work, but I also know people who wasted their talent because they didn't want to give 100% for learning. The important thing is that you like massage.

Your result interpretation: If you get 80-100% "You are a gifted massage therapist". If your score is between 60 and 80% you can make it in the business, but "training is the key". If you get 30 to 60% "consider getting more information" about this career field, your reasons to become a massage therapist might be the wrong ones... 0 to 30% Did you flunk it on purpose?

Business Skills and Career Profile Quiz

Business skills are not required to work as a massage therapist, however if you open your own practice you will make more money than being employed. To open your practice, business and marketing skills are necessary. Working as a massage therapist gives you some freedom and provides a great income opportunity, but you have to be in for the right reasons.

What Massage Schools Might not Tell You

Making a hefty income as a massage therapist is not as easy as often suggested. Apart from the techniques and anatomy knowledge, you will need communication skills, marketing knowledge, and a personal network.

Starting a massage practice does not instantly provide you with clients. You need to know how to promote your expertise. Additionally, if you consider being employed by someone else for starters, it might not be as profitable as expected, but it is a wise step in most of the cases.

For a newbie, massaging can often be a hard transition, and will be physically strenuous.

  • Are you in good physical condition?
  • Are you ready to endure 2-3 weeks of physical difficulties before your physique adapts to the demanding physical job?
  • Can you stand up for extended time periods?
  • Are there any physical restrictions that will decrease your massaging capacity?

These are all concerns you should consider before enrolling.

Another essential question for yourself is: "Am I good with my hands?" Intensive practicing will oftentimes help people that are not very handy, but not always.

Operating as a bodywork practitioner demands excellent people skills. You need to understand how to approach your customers to make sure they are at ease and relaxed. You will learn and acquire at school these skills, but if you are not naturally inclined, sometimes might be difficult to learn the skill, no matter what.

One of the most important questions is "Will I enjoy doing bodywork as a job?" If you are frequently rubbing and caressing people close to you, helping them feel good, this is an excellent profession for you! If you hardly ever touch people with the intention to nurture them, you should try to massage people a few times before signing up for a program.

If you desire to follow a profession in physical therapy, you require competent education. The required education for a massage therapist differs in North America. The minimum of training in the US is roughly 500 hours in most states, but in certain states the requested training goes up to 1,000 hours, such states are New York and Nebraska. In some states massage therapy is not regulated, but the municipality sometimes has its own regulations. Some provinces of Canada demand as a minimum of training 2,000 hours. Get information about all the standards in your state or province and get in touch with a school close to you to find out more.There are other things to consider before signing up for a physical therapy program, so take your time and plan well to see if you would make a good practitioner.

Massage Career Video

Massage Therapist Quiz - People Skills

Massage Therapists work with people. People and social skills are highly recommended, if you want to make a career in this field.

People Skills Quiz for Massage Practitioners

view quiz statistics

The Massage Therapist Quiz

Are you a natural born massage therapist?

A good health, natural inclination for touching people to heal them, and a healthy life will make you stand out as a professional. See if you have what it takes to join the elite.

Other Massage Career Articles - Am I good for a massage therapist?

This is one of the questions that pops up in everyone's mind who is considering massage as a career.The quiz helped you discover if Massage Therapy is the right career for you.After the massage career quiz your next steps are to learn how to start a massage career and what will it take to become successful in your new career.

What do you think about massage as a career?Did you ever think to become a massage therapist.Did you practice massage as a professional?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      If you are truly passionate about massage as an art form do not work for a corporate massage franchise. With the restrictions and pushy sales pitch I have seen these places suck the life & spirit out of otherwise great massage therapists. If you truly want to help people and enjoy what you do work for some place like this:

    • canhealth profile image


      4 years ago

      I am very interested in massage therapy.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting lens.

    • lesliesinclair profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice review of what's needed to become a massage therapist. Back in the day I was regularly appreciated the gentle massages I gave.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      5 years ago

      When I was a teenage and young adult, I definitely could have taken up massage therapy, but I couldn't see myself doing it at my age, and with my lifestyle now.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm a great massage ''therapist'' as ladies compliment me all the time. :P

    • MrsNagrom profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice Lens!

    • onyesvic profile image


      6 years ago

      great stuff


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