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How to complain about bad job experience.

Updated on September 18, 2010

Your boss "forgot' to pay You overtime? You had no pay raise within years? You working for cash and keep Your mouth shout just not to loose your job? You simply hate Your job? Does it sounds familiar to You? What can You do in this situation? Where to complain? These type of ideas inspired me and my partner to create a website dedicated to employees reviews and complaints about their jobs. The idea behind this website is quite simple. People spend most of their time working. People say that most important things in their lives are family, health, children, friends, hobbies - you name it. But we have to admit that we spend a very small part of our time on things that are important. Why? Because most of the time we are working. Whether it is fair or not is another story. For employees our website is the place where they can share their job experience. For job seekers our reviews can help to avoid time waisting working for unreliable employer. For employers this is source of information how to improve their relationship with staff and to see their weak points. What happens after you place your comment? Your feedback will see and read a huge audience of the site, it appears in our group on Facebook, we will distribute it to dozens of RSS feeds. Your voice will be heard. Have Your voice and visit us at


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      5 years ago

      Mine is about this company called Meltwater Buzz.... Not only did I go to the interview with complete knowledge about the company; I also killed the presentation in front of everyone. Just so you know, everyone else was up there scared/hands in pockets and was not ready to handle business. Long story short, they told me I didn't have enough "experience."That is after he called me and told me he was impressed by my resume. They flew a guy in from Norway who I'm sure got the job. He was the worst out of everyone for presentations too.... Be prepared to deal with foreigners and waste your time.