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Lighting design

Updated on May 7, 2013

The lighting design is the placement of lighting and control of natural or artificial light within an architectural space. The light and architecture are combined as architectural elements such as surfaces, volumes, colors and textures are losing their importance without proper lighting.
Lighting design needs expertise and experience to apply the art and science that, in determining the appropriate number and proper placement of lighting fixtures, ensuring successful results.
It create an atmosphere and adequate lighting to ensure the prosperity and wellbeing of people moving in space.
The study of architectural lighting will increase the sharpness in the environment and will highlight the interior and the surrounding areas
Most of the entertainment business (hotels, restaurants, resorts, spa, casino, etc.) and the shops have evaluated the benefits of lighting design and have been shown that the lighting study is a useful tool that increases sales and strengthen corporate identity of the business making it more efficient because the light affects the consciousness of the client.One of the most beneficial problems that in the beginning lighting designers will be face is knowing where to start when tackling a show. There are so many variables:

1.How many lights do I have?

2.What are the hanging positions?

3.When do I load in?

4.What's my budget?

and particularly on smaller shows, it's really difficult to know who to talk in order to figure things out. So the first, and the most important tip to pay attention to: use the resources you know about. One other important tip, related to those above: don't wait until the last minute. This is probably because you'll get very stressed out, and partly because the people and/or resources you were counting on may not be available if you haven't asked for them well in advance!Existing buildings and premises as well as outdoors (squares, streets,commercial areas surrounding buildings and residential buildings, etc.) requiring new construction, reconstruction, modernization or renovation of lighting installations but not required building permit, the study of
lighting is extremely useful since only through this there is the possibility of construction lighting installations:

That meet real needs and requirements.

That will ensure a residence or work environment that is pleasant.

We will demonstrate that the alleged products.

That will help prevent accidents.

That will ensure the best use of the need for each activity for correct lighting in conjunction with minimized energy consumption.

The drastic reduction of energy consumption from lighting installations can only be achieved through the study of light with the maximum use of natural lighting, proper selection of luminaires High efficiency, proper siting and maximize the value of specific automation (motion detectors, detectors brightness systems, EIB-Instabus or even energy management systems - Building Energy - Management Systems - BEMS (for large buildings) in a way that ensured
the optimal lighting conditions combined with maximum energy savings.

Lighting design
Lighting design
Outdoor lighting design
Outdoor lighting design

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