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Metro PCS Franchise Info

Updated on October 30, 2012

Metro PCS Franchise Info

Metro PCS franchise info can be found on this lens so keep reading. Have you heard about the Tmobile Metro PCS merger. Yes you read right. Tmobile has bought about 70% of Metro PCS assets which makes them majority owner of Metro PCS. It is essentially a "reverse" merger which suddenly makes Tmobile a publicly traded company trading under Metro PCS's trading system.

What does this mean for would be wireless dealers interested in becoming Metro PCS franchise owners? Simple. Metro PCS is out. That's probably obvious if you've contacted Metro PCS about a dealership recently and they are not calling you back. Tmobile is in and setting up dealerships. is a national master agent and works side by side with the largest Tmobile agents in the business can assist you in getting setup as a Tmobile Authorized Dealer in your area today.Call us! (562) 528-3131

Combine Two of The Best

And make one prepaid wireless powerhouse

From 4g LTE and 4G Galaxy S devices, Metro PCS and Tmobile both have some of the hottest products and services available to wireless prepaid customers today. While before, Metro PCS was a regional carrier, this merger will now allow Metro PCS Tmobile dealers to open up shops in new markets around the country. All new and existing shops will operate under the Tmobile name, and luckily that is a brand that is trusted around the country. So new dealers can rest assured that when opening a store in your new area, you can be confident that people will know who are and will be ready to buy.

Visit our website by clicking on the Gomobiledirect link below and fill out the form on that page, or alternatively you can call us directly at (562) 528-3131 then dial extension 701

Metro PCS Franchise Info?

Too late!! Instead it's T-mobile time!!

Many people have complained about Metro PCS service, considering the fact that it is a regional service and coverage is lackluster. Now with this merger, Metro PCS effectively expands the coverage area making it a great opportunity for people in areas previously unavailable to would be Metro PCS dealers. The new joined companies will operate under the Tmobile name, which is great for branding purposes, especially in new areas unfamiliar with Metro PCS.

Sell 4g LTE, 4g hotspots, and iPhone 5's all under one roof with the new and improved Tmobile. Call now (562) 528-3131 to learn how you can become a Tmobile Authorized Dealer in your area before it's too late and territories are gone!!

A recent video we created about the Tmobile Metro PCS merger. - Check it out!

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