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Metro PCS Franchise Opportunity

Updated on October 30, 2012

Metro PCS Franchise Opportunity

Metro PCS franchise opportunity - This lens is dedicated to the Metro PCS franchise opportunity. You've probably seen the news, Tmobile acquired over 70% of Metro PCS, effectively gobbling up the smaller prepaid wireless carrier. If you've looking for details about the Metro PCS franchise opportunity, then now is the time to turn your attention to the Tmobile Authorized Dealer opportunity. For this, you have found just the resource you have been looking for!, a prepaid master agent

The leader in multi carrier software portal solutions

Since March of 2009, has been a leader in the prepaid wireless business offering dealer solutions for those interested in becoming a Tmobile Authorized Dealer. We work side by side with some of the largest Tmobile Master Agents in the business, and those interested in selling Metro PCS Tmobile products can partner with us and rely on us to provide you with the latest processing solutions, merchandise, and marketing programs necessary for becoming a successful prepaid wireless dealer.

So You Want To Sell Metro PCS....

What now??

First things first, call an agent about becoming authorized with Tmobile. Our hotline # is (562) 528-3131 ext. 701. Then the next order of business, if you haven't already, visit the link below and find the web form on the page. Fill in the details required so we have you in the system then an agent will contact you right away with the next steps.

NOTE: If you don't have at least $15,000 to open a store, then this business is not for you! Tmobile stores are expensive endeavors and it important to have a comfortable cushion when starting a cell phone store or you will just not make it. If cash flow is not an issue, then feel free to chat with one of our agents for the next steps required to get authorized.

Tmobile Metro PCS merger video - By

Check out our latest Metro PCS Tmobile merger video, produced by "King Roman" with

Featured Products - Courtesy of our sponsors

Here are a few popular Metro PCS products for sale below. Check them out!


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