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Easy Girl Jobs - How to Become a Miller Lite Girl

Updated on June 19, 2013

Miller Lite Girls have one of the best jobs any girl in college can have. They are sexy girls that get paid by a fortune 500 company to party. It is like being in a sorority that pays you to have a great time. The benefit of this sorority is that every guy acknowledges that you are sexy.

Beer Girl Jobs have many benefits

These type of Girls Jobs allow you to make great money and meet interesting people.

Beer Girls are making up to $30 per hour and work a minimum of 4 hours.

I had so many girls approach me when I was with the Miller Lite Girls at special events begging me to hire them. They saw how much fun these Miller Lite Girls were having and how all the guys wanted to be around them. I must admit, they do have the best jobs.

Requirements to Become a Beer Promotional Model

• You must be over the age of 21.

• You need to have a sexy body and the confidence to back it up

• You must be able to effectively communicate the attributes of the product you are promoting.

• You have to like receiving numerous compliments

Beer Girls have to be comfortable with people crowding around them and asking for pictures.

The majority of people you meet are very respectful and admire the work you are doing.

Miller Lite Girls at Cal Speedway


Sexy Outfits are part of the job..

Beer Girls love getting to wear the sexy outfits that come with the job. You are constantly changing outfits as the promotional campaigns are always changing. During the summer, you will be wearing cute bikinis if you live near the beach or skirts.

During football season, you will be wearing cheerleader uniforms or dressed like a sexy referee. If you are doing a spring break or beach promotion, you get to wear a hot bikini.

Beer Girls Get All The Attention...

Becoming a Beer Girl is extremely fun for any aspiring model or college student over the age of 21 because of all the attention, money and new people you are going to meet.

Click Here if you would like to learn more about becoming a Miller Lite Beer Girl

Miller Lite Girls Riding the Bull at Saddle Ranch

Miller Lite Girls


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